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One (Kinda) Spicy Meatball

lunch - sandwich - take out

I got this Groupon to All About the Bread just a few days before the whole controversy


…apparently, so did most of these people – they were waving their printed-out coupons too.


Used my $20 credit to get 2 small sandwiches + deli sides to go


Felt like I was still digesting dumplings (!!!) so I ordered the Meatball without Provolone/Parm, since cheese + my tummy can sometimes have issues


There’s a no-substitutions policy, but since they’d run out of the Honey Lime Chicken (after I’d already paid for it) they made an exception. Which I think is kinda stupid, since aren’t I the one doing THEM the favor by saving them cheese?


Could this be the first meatball-only sandwich from All About the Bread?!?


I’m sure it would be amazing with the cheese (Los Angeles Magazine named it one of 17 Great LA Sandwiches) but even without, this was very tasty.

With just a drizzle of the slighty spicy marinara sauce


The granny smith apple slaw was also delicious – tossed with mayo, red pepper, green onions, and dried cranberries


1/2 sandwich now, 1/2 for later


Audition time!

American Idle

dinner - TV shows

Running two blogs during pilot season is a lot of work!


I forced myself to take an extra long walk yesterday, and stumbled upon this little street where every single house was different and darling


The clouds were unreal!!!


Apparently that was some Thick Dumpling Skin I ate on Wednesday night because I didn’t feel like eating much all day.

Around 1pm:


A store I popped into (to buy my upteenth pair of black leggings) had a flavor of Tootsie Pops I’ve never seen before


Valentine’s Day, you fooled me again – it was just a regular cherry one with a pink wrapper!

Around 5pm my appetite came back so I threw together a bowl of odds + ends


Frozen spinach + TJ’s Grilled Asparagus, heated with a Laughing Cow Blue Cheese wedge, S + P


Plus a Saag’s Sausage (from the Foodbuzz Festival) + chopped chestnuts


Random, but kinda tasty


My stomach was full but my mouth wanted something sweet and chewy to end the meal


The last Byron Bay Cookie, surrounded by dried fruit


More blog, tax, and audition stuff – right up til Abe got back from his own long day of work around 10pm. That’s when I finally unplugged, grabbed a snack, and we watched some mindless TV for an hour while snuggled under the covers


I’m back into American Idol again! We used to be die-hard fans (even went to a couple live tapings!) but fell off the last few seasons. This year there are some TALENTED folks in the mix; I still can’t get over Casey Abrams, who sang and played “Georgia on My Mind” brilliantly on an upright bass:

Are you watching American Idol? Who are you rooting for?!? What do you think of the new judges?

I kinda adore Steven Tyler and his spontaneous crooning – I love that he can’t help himself!