Food for Oscar

It’s that time of year again…


If you’ve seen Best Doc nominee “Exit Through the Gift Shop” (and if you haven’t you really really really should) you’ll be excited about Mr. Brainwash’s newest piece



It’s located right next to Sparadise on La Brea


Since 2004 Abe and I have hosted an annual Academy Awards potluck party, where we assign nominated movies/a food course to attendees, and see what they come up with. Last year (and this one too) we’ve had other plans, so I’ve compiled a list of Best Picture eats for any of you who might like to host one in 10 days.

  1. The Black Swan: Chocolate and Vanilla Swan Eclairs swimming in a pool of Grapefruit Sauce (as difficult to eat as the movie was to watch)
  2. The King’s Speech: Peanut Butter with Digestive Biscuits (so everyone who eats them has trouble saying their words)
  3. Inception: Turducken (chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey, to represent the dream within a dream within a dream)
  4. Toy Story 3: Potato Burritos (in honor of Mr. Potato Head’s having to utilize a tortilla for his body)
  5. The Kids Are All Right: Drunken Spaghetti (Nic loved wine) with local, organic veggies (Paul’s restaurant)
  6. 127 Hours: Lemonade (preferably served in Nalgene bottles)
  7. Winter’s Bone: Meat and Potato Stew (Ree creates one in the movie, out of some ingredients from a charitable neighbor)
  8. The Fighter: New England Clam Chowder with Crack-ed Pepper, Crack-ers, and Crack Pie (obviously, the film has a crack theme)
  9. The Social Network: Open Face-book Sandwiches
  10. True Grit: True Grits (duh)

Any other Oscar-inspired eats you can think of?

  • Amy @ Second City Randomness

    I am in love with “open face-book sandwiches”. It could be the corniest one out of the list- but that’s why I laughed out loud. LOVE it.

  • Lauren

    What a fun idea! I’ve always wanted to do an award party.

  • Alaina @ The Jogging Concierge

    Those are so fun and creative! Some day I’d love to have an awards party, too. :-)

  • Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen)

    This is a great idea! I love the combo of food and films!

  • lowandbhold

    These are awesome ideas. Makes me want to have a party!

  • kaitlinwithhoney

    This is adorable. So creative!

  • jess

    hahahah these suggestions are hilarious. lemonade, that’s rich πŸ˜‰

  • Jolene (

    LOVE those Oscar eats ideas :-)

  • RoseRunner

    So creative!! 127 hours could also be gatorade or burritos…

    The dream within dream –> duck withing a turkey or whatever, is the most brilliant. major props.

    For Black Swan I would serve a plate of nothing — to symbolize the ballerina’s eating disorder, and to symbolize my boycotting of the movie (I DESPISED it. hated it. so hard.)

  • Pure2raw twins

    Love this idea! I was hoping to have an Oscar party but not sure if it will happen :( But still should be fun to watch.

  • Ruby W.

    Your list is so creative.

  • Quay Po Cooks

    Absolutely fun and creative! Love the idea!

  • KeepItSweet

    What a great idea! I love that you make themed food for the party.

  • Gail

    Very witty….Have a great time on Oscar night

  • Erica

    That is SUCH a great idea! I bet your parties are so much fun. And the menu sounds tasty too!

  • Julie (A Case of the Runs)

    Cute list! I’ve only seen Inception and Toy Story 3…