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Food for Oscar

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It’s that time of year again…


If you’ve seen Best Doc nominee “Exit Through the Gift Shop” (and if you haven’t you really really really should) you’ll be excited about Mr. Brainwash’s newest piece



It’s located right next to Sparadise on La Brea


Since 2004 Abe and I have hosted an annual Academy Awards potluck party, where we assign nominated movies/a food course to attendees, and see what they come up with. Last year (and this one too) we’ve had other plans, so I’ve compiled a list of Best Picture eats for any of you who might like to host one in 10 days.

  1. The Black Swan: Chocolate and Vanilla Swan Eclairs swimming in a pool of Grapefruit Sauce (as difficult to eat as the movie was to watch)
  2. The King’s Speech: Peanut Butter with Digestive Biscuits (so everyone who eats them has trouble saying their words)
  3. Inception: Turducken (chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey, to represent the dream within a dream within a dream)
  4. Toy Story 3: Potato Burritos (in honor of Mr. Potato Head’s having to utilize a tortilla for his body)
  5. The Kids Are All Right: Drunken Spaghetti (Nic loved wine) with local, organic veggies (Paul’s restaurant)
  6. 127 Hours: Lemonade (preferably served in Nalgene bottles)
  7. Winter’s Bone: Meat and Potato Stew (Ree creates one in the movie, out of some ingredients from a charitable neighbor)
  8. The Fighter: New England Clam Chowder with Crack-ed Pepper, Crack-ers, and Crack Pie (obviously, the film has a crack theme)
  9. The Social Network: Open Face-book Sandwiches
  10. True Grit: True Grits (duh)

Any other Oscar-inspired eats you can think of?

Dumpling Dozen

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To commemorate the launch of Thick Dumpling Skin, dinner was no a brainer:


I never sweat a “B” rating. As Pulitzer Prize winning food critic Jonathan Gold says, “‘A’ stands for American Chinese, ‘B’ is Better Chinese, and ‘C’ is Chinese food for Chinese.”


But wait a second, isn’t this a Korean place?!?

The menu’s in Korean…


…there’s Korean TV on…


But the owners are Chinese!


I communicated in broken Mandarin to confirm that these Vegetable Dumplings were, in fact, completely vegetarian…


…and they also pointed me in the right direction for my order – I was thinking #9 and they told me that “Chinese people like #7.”


And I’m definitely a Chinese person!!!


Originally, Abe was going to pick up takeout so I could keep memorizing lines for a pilot audition. But by 8pm I needed a study break, so I threw a coat over my pajamas, stuffed my feet into Uggs, and settled into one of the empty tables for some fresh-from-the-kitchen action.


The owners told me it’s usually packed during the day. I believe it – I read Josh’s review on Food GPS and the article on their Garden Grove location in the OC Weekly. But I loved coming at night, when the free parking lot was empty and we had the entire place to ourselves.

Since we’re in Koreatown, the requisite Banchan, which I dominated most of (especially the Kimchi, which Abe didn’t touch)


But these “Vegetable Dumplings” are most definitely reminiscent of my Chinese childhood!


Let’s call them what they are – bao/steamed buns. But for the purposes of last night’s celebration, I accepted the “dumpling” label and thought of the soft fluffy dough as “thick skins



I figured that would be pretty filling, so I shocked myself as I polished off all twelve of the boiled dumplings with no problem


In addition to the shrimp, they were stuffed with pork and green chives


Everything – bao/dumpling – got dipped in this delicious sauce


The garlic continues to emanate from my pores this morning! I am also still digesting this meal, though I did not leave feeling bloated or stuffed at all…


…just one very happy dumpling :)

Myung In Dumplings on Urbanspoon