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Last night I went out to Canoga Park to watch the rough cut of some friends’ newest film. I’d been present at the very first reading (which I mentioned in my very first blog post!) and even auditioned for it, so making the hour long trek in traffic to give feedback was a no brainer, especially when I realized the screening room was just down the street from here:


Sound familiar? This is probably why:


I reviewed their famous vegan mayo last spring (still working through that jar, actually). It’s made in a solar-powered factory near the Follow Your Heart Market and Cafe, first opened in 1970.


Still feels very hippy dippy, especially in the vegetarian cafe part



I only had 1/2 an hour to eat and asked the waiter what he recommended to save time. He suggested “The Follow Your Heart Burger.”


I was dining solo and appreciated the reading material they had lying out


It was filled with Follow Your Heart’s rich history, newspaper clippings, etc. My favorite section was the letters from kids who toured the market/cafe on field trips.


Funny how the novocaine from my dentist appointment wore off completely the second the burger arrived!


It came with a choice of cheese – regular, vegan, soy – or avocado. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so I went with the fattiest option possible.


Also on the side – carrot chips – though I must admit I was disappointed when they arrived and weren’t the baked/fried version I’d envisioned


Surprisingly good combo, especially with Cadia ketchup!


Should have ordered the Nutburger instead – I prefer those kinds of veggie burgers to fake meat substitutes.


Still, I polished off everything but the onions!


I looooved the vibe at Follow Your Heart and was sad not to have more time to explore. I don’t know if the food is really worth driving out of your way for, but if you do find yourself in Canoga Park like I did, it’s definitely worth a visit.

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19 thoughts on “Follow Your Heart

  1. elise

    oh bummer. i def know what you mean about fake meat burgers. i wouldve been annoyed by that choice. when i go out to eat, i want something i cant make myself at home.

  2. edenseats

    As a carnivore, its difficult for me to warm up to veggie burgers, but in this case, it might happen. I’m always wary of brownies at these hippie joints though….

  3. chezjulie

    Sometimes I enjoy hippy-dippy as opposed to organic and trendy.

    I agree about nut, grain, or bean burgers being better than fake beef ones.

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