I’ve been wired in all day!  8am: Blog.  10am:  Skype meeting with the Surrogate Valentine team.  11am: Video shoot for NOW’s National Eating Disorders Week Campaign.


Recording, uploading, and editing 5 minutes of footage takes a lot longer than one would think!

I paused to take in the goodies Bakery on Main just shipped



It’s made near where I went to college – good old Connecticut 🙂


I sprinkled 1/2 a package of the Extreme Fruit Nut and Granola on a Verry Berry Chobani Champion


It’s totally different from conventional granola – super duper crunchy – and not an oat to be found!


Since my time with grapefruit is ending, I decided to make our experience extra special today


Cut in half, sectioned, sprinkled with cinnamon, and broiled for 3-4 minutes in the toaster oven


It becomes extra sweet + juicy – and squirts EVERYWHERE!


To be honest, I’d rather save the extra steps/mess and just eat the fruit raw. I was much happier with the granola n yogurt


Wound up polishing off the other half of the bag, it was so yummy!


I’ve spent way too much time indoors, with technology, the last few days. Desperately needed this walk:


Now I’ve gotta plug back in!


12 thoughts on “Technofied

  1. vaughn

    Hello there!
    I’m a very avid follower of your blog and was wondering how you got started sampling/reviewing products?
    You inspired me to try and do the same (:
    Thank you!

  2. Lauren

    I’ve seen this granola before but was always scared to buy it because it never really looked like granola to me, more like cereal. I’m happy to know you give it great reviews. Perhaps I should rethink this next time.

  3. lequan

    That is such a beautiful shot! (your last photo)

    The way you prepared/ate your grapefruit reminded me of a remedy for cough that my MIL shared with me. Don’t know if your mom ever did this. Take an orange, cut off the top part (enough so that you cut off part of the meat as well). Sprinkle some salt into the orange. Put the top back on and stick a toothpick into it to hold it together. Double boil ( the orange for about 15 to 20 mins, scrape out the meat and eat.

  4. Ruby W.

    Super exciting. Osteria Mamma is featured on KGB deals. Limit 3 too! I am so excited to try it out ever since you featured it for Abe’s birthday dinner. It’s close to Bricks and Scones, so I’ll definitely make a stop by there too. I love all the recommendations you have made so far.

  5. elise

    i JUST discovere that brand on my last trip to WF. of course i already had 7 granolas/cereals in the cart at that point so i passed…but now im thinking i may give it a shot. super duper crunchy and oat free is intriguing. i looooove clusters 🙂

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