Dinner with Honey

Abe’s been out of town for his Grandma’s memorial services. So I was grateful to have some company last night, and drove to see a fellow blogger (Kaitlin with Honey) in NoHo.

Originally, we were just going to meet for drinks at The Coffee Bean, but wound up eating next door instead!


I know many of you are probably familiar with Panera Bread, but this was my first time at this chain.


One of those order-at-the counter places. Seems like a good place to get work done, since they have free wifi.


The bread looked pretty good!


I got a soup and sandwich combo – a cup of Garden Vegetable with pesto…


…and half of one of their “Signature Sandwiches” – the Napa Almond Chicken Salad on Semolina


I thought an apple was a good choice to round out the meal (you can also get bread or chips)


How CUTE is this presentation?!? It comes perfectly displayed for food bloggers!


Back home Julius and I enjoyed our last night alone, just the two of us.


Well, at least I did.


If you’re in Los Angeles, make sure to snatch up today’s Groupon deal for 1/2 off sandwiches at All About the Bread. DON’T order the turkey sandwich with the works, but their Burrata Cheese is on my BVSLA list!

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21 thoughts on “Dinner with Honey

  1. Ren Ren

    I love Panera Bread. I wish I lived closer to one.
    Next time you go, you should try the cinnamon crunch or french toast bagel with hazelnut cream cheese. They’re delicious.

  2. Nelle @ Living Cliche

    I have a soft spot for Panera because my mom and I always go there together when I’m back in Iowa. I actually think the Midwest ones are better for some reason, and they were definitely better before they expanded so much. I think it’s harder for them to maintain quality control now. But still… free coffee refills all day and wi-fi… perfect spot to hang out. I spent a lot of hours at the one near my college back in the day!

  3. Rose

    i’ve never been to panera, but have heard that it’s pretty decent!
    p.s., lynn, ive been meaning to tell you- after i sent him that “love letter to a camera” that you linked to a while back and showed him some cool stuff, my dad was convinced enough and bout the s95 and I LOVE It!!! Haha i’ve been stealing it and taking pics all over the place! thanks for the recommendation 😉

  4. Erica

    Panera is a great work spot! I often travel for work to a location with a panera. I can sit in there for hours and do work with a great bowl of soup! Their black bean is veg and is awesome!

  5. Olivia

    I love Panera! The chicken salad sandwich you got used to be one of my absolute favorites there! If you ever go for breakfast, try their cinnamon crunch bagels with hazelnut cream cheese…it’s pure bliss and 10x better then cinnamon rolls! Love your blog! Come check out mine sometime:)

  6. Ruby W.

    Can you believe that I have never eaten at a Panera before either? I have one really close to me. Gotta try the soup and sandwich combo that a lot of bloggers talk about.

  7. Erika @ Health and Happiness in LA

    I can’t believe you’d never been to Panera! I don’t think there’s anyone in the Midwest who hasn’t eaten at Panera, it’s practically a requirement. In Bloomington it was always the default lunch spot. I’m actually not a huge fan, though… their vegan options are measly and the food is always way worse for you than you think it’ll be.

  8. kaitlinwithhoney

    I had SO much fun seeing you last night! I’m going to have to second the recommendation above, by the way – cinnamon crunch bagels + hazelnut cream cheese = best thing at Panera, hands down.

  9. Amanda

    aw how fun!

    Andy and I get tons of work done at a local Panera. It’s perfect for grading papers, essays and blogging! I love their asiago cheese bagel so much.

  10. Jessica

    I love Panera Bread! I always went there to study (laptop and books in hand) and I always got the same thing to eat: 1/2 of the Mediterranean veggie sandwich and a veggie soup. You should definitely try that sandwich out.


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