Yakitori at Yakitoriya

Japanese Yakitori Dinner at Yakitoriya.

Argh. I’ve been frustrated!

Tried to eat at The Apple Pan last night with friends


This is where “The Peach Pit” from the original 90210 pilot was shot. Don’t let Brandon, Kelly and the gang fool you – it’s not a place for groups to just hang out and have a slice of pie!


There’s only one place to eat – around the counter – and there was a long wait.


We headed to Yakitoriya instead


Also teeny and crowded, but at least we could sit together!


I heard about this place from The Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate” for their chicken meatball skewers.


Basically, you are required to order 5 skewers, minimum


They come out randomly, served as they’re ready.


I got a bunch of veggies – (FYI vegetarians – some of them come wrapped in meat!!!)


All get dipped in this strong wasabi mustard


I also ordered the chicken meatball, of course. How was it? Good. But not even close to the best thing I’ve ever eaten.


I also left kinda hungry. Those little skewers cost about $15 – not cheap! My friends were kind enough to share some of their chicken/rice porridge with me too.


On the way home I got into an accident. Their fault – they ran a red light. Everyone’s okay, but it was scary.


I also have to get my front license plate cover fixed. Any clue how much that should cost? Or if it’s easy enough for me to do myself?!?



25 thoughts on “Yakitori at Yakitoriya

  1. Lauren

    Wow, not a very good night. I’m so sorry about it all but I’m SOOOO happy you are okay. I hope today has only gone 1000 x better for you!! Get some rest today babe. 🙂

  2. Cindy

    Sorry you were in an accident. That’s always a little unnerving for a bit. 🙁 The license plate thing should be pretty easy to switch out as long as the mounting screw and/or hole wasn’t damaged. The question is more about if it is a Scion specific plate cover or if they sized it in a standardized way so that any license plate cover will work. Good Luck.

    Hope your day continues on an upswing.

  3. joyosmanski

    gah!! why does life sometimes throw everything at us at once?? sheesh.

    you’re a champ, miss lynn. glad everyone’s safe. glad mr. computer decided to come around!!! 😀

  4. Tina

    Oh no! Sorry to hear about all these bumps in the road! At least no one was hurt during the accident! phew! I always have bad luck with computers, I need a member of geek squad on call. Hope the rest of your day is better!

  5. vanillasugarblog

    every single one of my friends has had bad luck, myself included, last night. how weird is that? wonder if there was something in the stars or moon or something? glad you’re ok. that lic plate thingee looks easy to do yourself. new plate frame and bolts.

  6. Julie (A Case of the Runs)

    Glad everyone is okay. Not sure how to fix that minor snafu, but I’m sure others can chime in about that.

  7. leftcoastcontessa

    Oh I love the Apple Pan but you do have to either 1) go at an off time or 2) be super aggressive to get a seat. I had NO IDEA it was the original Peach Pit! I love (the old) 90210!

  8. Liz @ Tip Top Shape

    15 dollars for skewers?! That is pretty expensive! Sorry to hear about the car accident! At least everyone was okay.

  9. Amy @ Second City Randomness

    Sorry about the lackluster meal. And the accident! Ugh- granted, I enjoyed my dinner out last night, but I would have almost been just as content staying on my couch!

  10. elise

    booo. sorry about the accident 🙁 and the restaurant switch up. at least the mac is back in action, sooooo things are looking upish?

  11. Erika @ Health and Happiness in LA

    Sorry to hear about your accident! Maybe take it to a dealership? When I moved to LA my car didn’t even have a place for a front license plate (because they aren’t mandated in Kansas) but I have a Toyota so I went to the Toyota dealership and they put one on for free.

  12. Shannon [Tropical Eats]

    glad you are ok!!! so sorry about the hit 🙁

    UGH what is wrong with red light runners?!

  13. simplyshaka

    Very cool about the Peach Pit being shot there in the pilot–the wait? Not so much.

    I looooove Best Thing I Ever Ate! I have a list on Yelp of places I’ve seen on there that I must visit whenever I’m in a specific city or region. We’ll see if I ever get to them or not.

  14. Esi

    Ooh, glad you’re ok from the accident. I still haven’t been to Apple Pan either, but judging from the lines, I don’t think I will be visiting any time soon…

  15. MarathonVal

    Aww so sorry about the accident, but I’m very glad you are ok! No matter what they are always scary. Hope you get everything straightened out! 🙂

  16. Monet

    The Peach Pit! That brings back so many memories…so many afternoons spent in front of the television. I’m sorry you weren’t able to eat there…but I’m glad you got to try those meatballs. I love that show on the Food Network, and I’m eager to try some of those dishes. Thank you for sharing, sweet lady!

  17. lequan

    yikes! so sorry to hear about your accident, Lynn 🙁 I’m glad nobody was hurt though. your poor car too, seems like its been through quite a bit lately, rear ends, side swipes, red light runs. hope you get off to a much better start on Monday!

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