I never did get back to sleep, but I did eat a morning snack in bed!


Kept it light, to make maximum room for a lunch date with Jacy.


There was a long line outside, just like when I ate pho next door with Kate the other night


No wonder “Kobawoo” sounded so familiar! I was surprised when I pulled into the same crowded lot.

Read about their weekday specials on Midtown Lunch, and had my heart set on one thing:


I already knew there was going to be an obscene amount of food, so we decided to share the Bosam and Miso Stew.

First comes banchan!


Cucumbers, daikon/seaweed, eggs, and kimchee. We wound up eating two full orders of these complimentary side dishes – they kept bringing them out! Didn’t even have to press this mysterious waiter bell (which I’m convinced doesn’t really go anywhere)


Ready for the feast


Prepare the hands


First up:


Take a vessel (we started with daikon) and fill…


…soft and buttery pork belly…


…fermented shrimp, daikon, and jalapeno…


Repeat, many many many more times, with pickled napa cabbage


Along with the bosam came a sizzling soybean paste stew, filled with tofu, zucchini, shrooms, and scallions


I ate half of that with my rice…


…and when that was done I polished off the rest of the bowl with the second round of banchan


We dominated that lunch special!!!


Split amongst 2 – this may be the best bang for the buck I’ve ever had!!!


Can’t believe that was just ONE meal! Don’t believe I could’ve handled another dish on my own. So many more things I want to try – I’ll be back again, but probably closer to 2pm to avoid the lunch rush. By the time we left, both the restaurant and lot were much emptier. But man, we were full!!!

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21 thoughts on “Kobawoo

  1. Candace

    I am blown away by the amount of food you got for the $$. It all looks so good too! I have never eaten Korean food but I definitely have to try it. I can’t wait to see what you have next. 🙂

  2. Ruby W.

    I love Korean food because they give you a lot of side dishes for free. I like meals with lots of variety. Plus, most of their side dishes are veggie based so I like it even more.

  3. lequan

    What a super deal! I can’t believe all that was for 2 people and so cheap! Everything looked so good, even the pork belly and I don’t even eat pork. You always find the best places!

  4. Erica

    Wow! That is a great deal for a lunch! And so many different and yummy looking options!! I always love eating with others who photograph their food haha

  5. eric

    Are you ever self-conscious about whipping out the camera and photographing your food in restaurants? I am, though I’m not sure why. I’m largely OK shooting with the iPhone, but some meals demand the DSLR treatment and I usually look around to make sure no one sees me, as if it’s somehow sneaky or criminal to photograph one’s own food.

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      i got a canon s95that i got specifically bc it’s small and doesn’t need flash in low light. since i photograph every single thing i eat, it’s just habit and i am no longer embarrassed or self conscious. it’s actually gotten me free extras from restaurants!

  6. katecooks

    i can’t believe you ended up at a restaurant right next to the one where we ate, that’s wild! looks like you got a big bang for your buck. i especially like the stew mixed with rice, yum!

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