A good friend of ours is in town on business. He (and his lovely expense account!!!) took us out for dinner last night 🙂

We decided to meet in the Valley, near his hotel. After consulting several Yelp Reviews and Opentable Reservation options, I settled on D’Cache in Toluca Lake.


This place felt like another world – removed from the strip malls surrounding it. Kinda reminded me of Astoria, Queens (where Abe and I lived for seven years) with all the neon.


I’ve never had Tapas before! We decided to order a bunch to share.


The Gambas (shrimp) al Ajillo + Mushrooms al Ajillo, both served with manchego cheese bread


Cheese and Serano Ham plate with fruit and preserves


Porcini Mushroom Pizette with gouda and truffle oil (my favorite)


None of their salads were jumping out at us, so I asked if the kitchen could put together a plate of veggie sides for us. They obliged with this gorgeous platter:


Probably the only option for vegans?!? The theme of the night was definitely QUESO!!!

I ate about four loaded plates total – two that were heavy on the protein and carbs…


…and two of mostly veggies; I flavored them with garlic sauce and cheese!!!


Aside from a wedge of Camembert and a few grapes, the three of us polished it all off. I was pretty full, but not bursting.



This chocolate cake took a while to arrive. But totally worth it.


MELTY GOOEY CENTER. Heaven. I definitely ate more than my 1/3 share.


Live entertainment too – this guitarist was quite talented!


Check out my guest post on Brittany’s site today – I blog about my thought process behind meals like this!

Have you eaten tapas before?

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14 thoughts on “D’Cache

  1. Maria M.

    Mmm… tapas. About every other month or so my friends and I treat ourselves to an evening of tapas and drinks. It makes for a wonderful way to eat small quantities of stuff that I would normally go overboard on. (Okay, self-disclosure moment, I can put away food like no one’s business.) Anyway, I love tapas especially anything with aioli and/or potatoes. Yum.

  2. Sara K

    Those tapas all look delicious! I’ve only had tapas once before at a Peruvian restaurant and I have to say I love that format of eating- bunches of small but flavourful dishes to share.
    Definitely a fan of the queso 🙂

  3. Megan (Braise The Roof)

    The exterior of that restaurant looks SO cool! I’d definitely stop in even if I hadn’t read any reviews! I love tapas and eat it as often as possible- seriously. I have a weakness for Spanish food, what can I say? If you ever visit Chicago, I’ll take you to one of my favorite places! 🙂

  4. Cindy

    Tapas is one of my favorite ways to go out to dinner with friends. Everyone gets a little bit of everything and you can keep the food coming throughout the dinner. Looks great!!

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