Freaky Friday

Last night was weird!

First, Abe made dinner – which was strange because HE was the one who had been working + sick with a cold all day, not me!


I had specific instructions – fry an egg sunny side up, bake the Trader Joe’s Potato Latkes


Served over a bed of mache + shredded carrots tossed in Meyer Lemon juice


The last dollop of simple guac


Hot sauce, s + p


Runny yolk + greasy crunchy potato is the perfect salad dressing


We also split the last few bites of Abe’s leftover Honey Acorn Squash and Spinach


Since I ate nothing but gluten-free baked goods earlier I munched on an organic Ambrosia for dessert


We had plans to attend an art opening, but as we drove by the gallery it looked way too crowded. So we went to Whole Foods instead – a hot Friday night!!!


Abe wanted to pick up a tub of hummus and I insisted he should just make it at home, since we had all the ingredients: chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic powder, and salt.



Poor hubby wound up slicing his finger pretty bad. I put the mean immersion blender away and finished the rest of the dip by hand, producing a very chunky (almost reminiscent of tuna fish?!) texture.

Eaten with celery


As if nursing my ill and injured husband wasn’t out-of-the-ordinary enough, I saw a mouse!!!


If you follow me on twitter you know I spotted it a few nights ago. I was hoping Julius had scared it off, but we’ve been ready with a few cruelty free mousetraps.

Tahini came in handy – we had just picked up peanut butter at Whole Foods, but I wasn’t wasting a dab of Justin’s, even if it was on sale!


Julius is NO help. I thought Jack Russell Terriers were supposed to be great at catching mice, but he hasn’t noticed it either time – and now he keeps setting off the traps!


The bizarre evening events made me peckish


I could’ve easily reached for another couple handfuls of Pumpernickel Pretzels but I knew that would be too much for my tummy. Whenever I snack before bedtime I’m never hungry til late the next day, and we’ve got breakfast plans with friends this morning.

So I sipped on a cup of Stripped Down Miso Soup to slow things down/quell the salt craving.


Hoping for a Super Sane Saturday….

Best band aid for fingers?

Anyone ever have luck with those humane mouse traps?


11 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. Leann

    I had good luck with traps similar to that loaded with peanut butter (of course, our peanut butter was store-brand so we didn’t mind sharing). Mice tend to just keep exploring the same area so he/they should find it and investigate pretty quickly.

    Julius reminds me of my dog when we had a bunch of house flies! He wanted to watch them and bat at them but wasn’t exactly a protector of the home …

  2. quinn

    I’ve used hav-a-hart traps very successfully. Don’t know about other live traps. How are you supposed to know you’ve got a mouse? With the h-a-h you can see right through the mesh, and tell whether something tripped it or whether you’ve actually caught something and can take it somewhere for release – which you want to do as quickly as possible, by the way. Good luck!

  3. greensandjeans

    I have never had luck with humane mouse traps! 🙁 Luckily, I’ve always been able to catch them with a box or something and then take them outside!

  4. Cindy

    Mice are pretty crafty. It make take a while for them to finally venture into the trap.

    I always keep flexible fabric finger tip and knuckle bandages in the house. They work great for their intended use and for around other odd shape spots, like the side of your chin, along side your knee cap, etc.

  5. lequan

    As much as I hate mice, thank you for getting the humane mouse traps. The other kinds are just too cruel.

    When we moved to our new home we had mice problems cause it was a newly developed area and they were digging up their homes. We bought one of these clear humane mouse traps:
    and actually caught 3 mice and have not had a problem yet (knock on wood). We put the traps inside our garage along the wall entrance of our garage (one on each side). Putting food in there definitely helps! Best of luck!


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