Breakaway Bakery

Breakaway Bakery is a Gluten-Free Bakery in Los Angeles for those with allergies and a sweet tooth.

I’ve eaten nothing but pastries all day – and I feel GREAT!!!  Breakaway Bakery is a brand new option for people with diet sensitivities. It opened 5 weeks ago on Pico (a few blocks east of Hauser), right across from City Best Chicken.



A blog reader told me I should check this bakery out and do a review. Owner Janice (with her daughter Nava) invited me to come by and sample a bunch of their gluten-free goodies for breakfast today!


Janice is one of the sweetest women you’ll ever meet, and the place has a very cozy + intimate neighborhood vibe.



EVERYTHING is allergen-free, kosher – and virtually all organic! They’ve started making a few vegan products, too.


Aside from the freshly-made treats (baked the same morning), you can pick up frozen batters to bring home. Janice was kind enough to give me a package of the Pumpkin Muffin – all I’ve gotta do is thaw, pour, and bake! YESSSSSS.


They also sell all the materials one would need to recreate the Breakaway Bakery experience back at home:


Coffees and teas are fair-trade and organic…


I had a cup of decaf Cinnamon Plum with my treats!


First, a lemon raisin scone, which was perfectly sweetened, followed by a Coffee Cake Muffin (which you can buy the frozen batter for).


This one needed some fork help but I still finished every last crumb.


My absolute faaaavorite is Janice’s take on the Thin Mint.


In fact, I like it MORE than the Girl Scout version! The flavor was spot-on, but chewier. And a little bit bigger.  I’m going to see how they compare frozen, along with the other goodies I scored in this beautiful box.


You would think I’d feel bloated, tired, and gross after eating a scone, muffin, and cookie for brunch – but I actually feel great! So good I’ve been tackling my monster tax shoebox back at home (who AM I?!?) and was kept satisfied for almost 5 hours!

At which time, I needed an afternoon snack. And well, of course…


How could I resist?!? Abe and I each enjoyed the Apricot Pinches with tea (I still had some Cinnamon Plum leftover)


He was also impressed with the quality of these cookies – hard to believe they are allergen-free, with no transfats. One big difference between Janice and other gluten-free bakers is she don’t use gums (like xanthum or guar) which can produce an artificial mouthfeel. These just taste delicious, and the texture is pretty comparable to regular pastries.

After my last post about a possible gluten sensitivity, I am wondering if I should do some more experimenting, since my tummy is feeling pretty darn happy today?! Thanks to Janice and Breakaway Bakery, it’ll be pretty easy to find out!!!


28 thoughts on “Breakaway Bakery

  1. Yvonne

    Those look absolutely delectable. That lumpy-and-bumpy scone looks so delicious! I’ve also been wondering if I am gluten sensitive/intolerant, but it could just be that my stomach feels yucky from any bread-y carbs?

  2. kimmie

    I’m so jealous. Now I totally wish I lived in LA! My husband and I are trying to go gluten-free, but I can’t live without pastries or baked goods. 🙁

  3. Estela @ Weekly Bite

    What a fun bakery!! Oddly enough I’ve never had a gluten-free baked good before. Sounds like I would love it 🙂

  4. MarathonVal

    Hmm, I never noticed that about xanthum gum since I rarely use it, but I wonder if that’s the case. I hate how it gets soooo slick and sticky if it spills on your counter top and it’s nearly impossible to clean, so I don’t use it often.

    And about your squash conundrum – have you dried baking it for a few minutes, then taking it out of the oven, cool, then slice or cut it once it is a bit softer? That’s what I often do and I think it works pretty well!

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      i did think about doing that but i forgot to set a timer! glad to know it works!

  5. Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen)

    I love hearing stories about places like this. I wish I was in a placenin my life where I could do something like this! You know, if she uses a good amount of chickpea flour in her goods, it has a good fiber and protein content…that would
    explain why you were satisfied for longer. Everything looks delicious!

  6. Becki @ Hike, Bike, Eat

    I had high tea yesterday and now I’m on a scone kick! Gotta find some recipes 🙂

  7. vanillasugarblog

    love when you do these posts (I know I know I say that all the time) but it’s true. there are 3 bakeries here and 2 suck. I should get into boston more and do more of the finds like you do.

  8. Lauren

    I don’t think there is a better way to spend your afternoon. This is one of the best invitations one could ever receive.

  9. Tina

    What an awesome place! And what a tough job of eating yummy treats all day! 😉 Scones are one of my favorite baked good and those look yum!

  10. Monet

    Janice is so inspring! I love seeing people pursuing their dreams…and helping out other people by doing so! This bakery looks and sounds fabulous. There are so many food sensitive people that still want to enjoy a little baked treat. I love it! Thank you for sharing this with me. I hope your weekend bursts forth in hope and joy!

  11. Katy

    oh, i am heading there asap. recently discovered that i have a plethora of food sensitivities and could have used some of these treats over the holidays.

  12. lequan

    This place sounds amazing. After this post, I think there will be a lot more than one person voting for it on Urban Spoon. Win win 🙂

  13. Heather @ Get Healthy With Heather

    Breakaway Bakery looks so cute inside the store. I love the mom and daughter team, how special 🙂

  14. wendy lee

    In case I haven’t mentioned this in a while, for your Philly readers they must try Nook Coffee Shop on 20th St. between Chestnut and Market for the MOST divine baked goods. We stopped there at 8 a.m. this morning before the trek in the snow to Trader Joe’s. Edna, the owner and baker, informed us that the 3-berry muffins (blueberry,strawberry,black raspberry)would be out of the oven in 2 minutes. Paradise in the mouth!!!!!

  15. Katy

    i sure hope they change the name of the “apricot pinches” really soon or they may scare off their latino visitors! just sayin’…

  16. J.Lynn

    These types of cookies are ALWAYS the best, having a taste very similar to the sugar and fat-laden americanized kinds, but wayyy better for you and much tastier in my mind. Where is this bakery located? Which city? I’m in Carlsbad.

  17. Nelle @ Living Cliche

    How cute and awesome is that place? I want to eat pastries all day! I’m a horrible morning person, but I would love to get up extra early some morning to grab a scone from here before working a lunch shift!

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