I made a special trip to the Venice Whole Foods – they’re the only ones who carry the Oikos 4-packs, and I had a free coupon expiring Dec. 31st


One of Deb’s clementines


Gluten Free Irish Soda Bread (It’s been in the freezer, so it got a toastin’ before crumblin’)


Next stop – The Grove/Farmer’s Market. Santa’s House looked a lot less magical than it must have when Ameena took Maya there (AND WAITED 2 HOURS)


My main mission:


World Market has totally sucked me in with their membership rewards program. Since joining less than a month ago I’ve been back 3x already! During my last visit, I spied these (and some figgy pudding that is no longer around) and knew I had to try them. But I couldn’t bear to pay full price for something I’d probably eat 1/12th of.


Reminders of NOLA everywhere


Even the silverware from Green Goddess!


Back home I put together an open face sandwich on Oliver’s Whole Grain Bread – tuna, raisins, Vegenaise, mustard, and a sprinkle of Windy City Celery Seasoning (<—have you entered the giveaway?)


Only finished half that apple…


…plus a handful of Lauren’s Espresso Maple Pecans, which Julius found highly interesting.


Trader Joe’s is next!


17 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. Katie

    This is too funny — I was at the Venice WF around 1pm with a friend (who knows about my blog and about you/other blog friends), and I commented to him as we walked in, “that dog looks almost exactly like Lynn’s dog, Julius….” Dunno if Julius was with you or if you were even there around 1, but it’s almost as if I sensed your presence (which just made me sound uber-creepy).
    We were like two ships in the night. Sigh.

  2. Cindy

    I did a ton of xmas shopping a world market (and some for me too) and I ADORE that place. I should go get a seasonal job there to help supplement my addiction.

    such awesome things.
    they have a “card”. must check into that!

  3. Roxan

    LOL! Lynn, I think it’s hilarious that you drove all the way across town to use a coupon. that’s awesome! 🙂
    So glad to see you up on your feet again, ready to ring in the new year, nice and healthy.

  4. C

    World Market sucks me in too! I love seeing all the variety of foods all around the world. Even if it is overpriced. Your Oikos reminds me I have a package of Fage in the fridge I’ve been meaning to eat 🙂

  5. Monet

    Don’t you just love World Market? You reminded me that I’m due for a visit. I can spend lots of money and time there. I also love those little Greek yogurt packs. They are the perfect size for me. Thanks for sharing sweet girl!

  6. edenseats

    There is a Costplus across the street from my apartment! My roommate claims it was the selling point when we first got it.
    I have no clue why more places carry greek yogurt four packs. Petition?

  7. ccfzyf

    I’ve loved ur blog but never commented before. But I can’t help myself anymore. I was super excited when I saw the Green Goddess mentioned here! I had an epic brunch there this past summer, and loved everything about the place (especially the silverware)! It’s crazy they are selling them all the way across the country! I’ve been missing NOLA alot lately (4 years of college), and your post made me really happy 😀
    On a completely different note, we have the same first name :). It sort of led me to your blog and now I’m a regular reader! Hope your holiday’s been amazing! (It sure looks so!)

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      great to hear from another lynn! yes, green goddess is still haunting our dreams…i got the sweetest email from the chef today and am thinking about going back next year just so we can visit him again!

  8. Ameena

    So sad to see Santa’s house being disassembled…thank goodness Maya isn’t there to see it otherwise I’d have to come up with a big lie about where Santa’s house is going??

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