Green Goddess

December 27, 2010

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Holiday weekends = good movies on TV


Coming to America + Vitamin C helped me feel A LOT better!


I was feeling 75% back to my normal self and definitely wanted to go out for my last New Orleans meal. Most restaurants are closed on Sundays, but thankfully one at the top of my “must eats” was open for dinner.


Green Goddess is a funky, intimate (and I mean COZY – the above picture is basically the entire place) restaurant that came highly recommended by numerous people.


You can hear all the action, since the kitchen is in the dining area!


Although they have many veggie-friendly options, most of them sounded pretty rich, so I veganized the Array of Vegetables:


“Roasted asparagus, Mardi Gras Indian Cauliflower, fennel-roasted fingerlings, radishes, heart of palm, and red cabbage.” Came with two sauces – I stuck to the pomegranate molasses since the other one was creamy.


Abe ordered the Mushroom Bread Pudding, which (like most items on the menu) sounded heavenly but dangerous to my recovering tummy: “Shrooms in a savory bread pudding, topped with a scoop of La Serena sheep cheese and Oregon white truffle cream sauce”


When he proclaimed it “the best thing ever” I had to try a teeny bite to confirm :)


He also ordered one more dish – the Lentil Pancake


I tried a bite – didn’t really dig these flavors, but Abe’s taste buds didn’t mind.


It’s also vegan, which is near impossible to find on most menus in NOLA.  We really loved this place, which had a lot of charm and character – right down to the silverware:


This knife didn’t cut very well, but it sure was cute! Our waiter informed me they can be found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

The one thing he neglected to tell us was the price of this beer that Abe ordered! When the check came, we thought he had been mistakenly charged for two. Nope, this is what a $12 bottle looks like:


Unfortunately, there’s a lot I missed out on my “to-eat” and “to-do” lists while I was sick. We head back to Los Angeles today but are already toying with the idea of making New Orleans + X-mas a recurring trip!

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