Hot Blooded

When I woke up this morning, I had a fever – 100.3! That made me think that this sickness might actually be a stomach bug, and not food-related. Which is a relief, because I would hate to become sworn enemies with the food of New Orleans.

Even though I was feeling pretty weak and ache-y, I refused to believe I would be sequestered in bed all day again. So I kept rechecking until it went down to normal.


Hmmm….I don’t even know WHAT that means, other than my thermometer must be broken?

All I knew is I had to get outside of our trashed hotel room!


All bundled up, with two sweaters and thick tights under my jeans (my body temperature isn’t the only one that dropped drastically – it was legitimately cold out).


We wandered around the French Quarter – apparently more places were closed today than on Christmas!

Somethin’ Else Cafe was open, and looked cozy.



One of their soup specials was Chicken Rice. EONS better than my dinner last night – the stock tasted homemade and was just what the doctor ordered.


I liked how it came in an actual cup too


Abe had already eaten a full breakfast earlier so he ordered a Homemade Rice Krispie Treat. They must’ve made it on the spot because it took a little while, and was all free-form:


He said it was warm n chewy, too.

After eating we went to the Katrina exhibit at the Louisiana State Museum







Then popped in to St. Louis Cathedral next door, where mass had recently wrapped


I was beginning to feel ache-y and woozy so we headed back to our hotel. Not before doing a little shopping first


I always pick up a Christmas ornament whenever I travel (here are some past mementos)


I’ll never forget my NOLA X-mas with this guy around to remind me every year!


And like magic, when we returned…


…going to climb right back in and mess it all up now!

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13 thoughts on “Hot Blooded

  1. coffeeandthepaper

    Glad you both were feeling up to exploring the city a bit today! Museums are my favorite part of visiting other places – you learn so much!

    Hope the stomach woes continue to improve bit by bit.

  2. elise

    i love collecting ornaments from trips…still havent even managed to have my own tree though. one of these years…

    so im thinking that the thermometer from cvs is probably fairly unreliable, but either way, im glad youre feeling better-ish.

  3. Evan Thomas

    Hope you’re feeling better! Having someone to clean your room is definitely the best medicine 🙂 My fever on Wednesday was 101.2, but thankfully that didn’t stick around for long.

  4. Mimi

    So glad you’re feeling better! As for the thermometer, if you just drank something it could be lower. Or you just run cold (as smaller people sometimes do). I usually clock in below 98.6.

  5. lequan

    Hope you feel much better tomorrow, dear! Kudos to you for not letting yourself be trapped in the hotel all day. Wanted to wish you a merry Christmas, but didn’t feel proper after seeing your “sick” tweet. Try to have a happy holiday ok? 🙂

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