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We had tickets to see a show tonight, so I had very specific ideas for dinner: early, small, not too expensive, and ANOAP (As New Orleans-y As Possible).

I had soup n salad on the brain; as we headed to The Gumbo Shop I spotted Chef Paul Prudhomme’s restaurant on the way:


Yup, the guy with the Seasoning Blends – does it get more New Orleans?! And there was gumbo on the menu!

But the restaurant was pretty packed…


Still, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. After explaining our situation to the hostess, she immediately sat us at the bar.


(Looks like we DID have a reservation!)

After placing our orders with the bartender, she brought EACH OF US the most epic bread basket:


Their bakery is just upstairs from the restaurant, where they make everything from scratch daily. Thank goodness Abe and I didn’t have to share because half a taste wouldn’t have been enough. Each warm goodie was unique in texture and flavor – a yeast roll, jalapeno cheese bread, corn bread muffin, and my favorite –


Black Muffins, a.k.a. MOLASSES WITH PECANS. I did some research online and found the recipe. (You’re welcome!)

Speaking of recipes, the entire restaurant was decorated with paintings of various dishes, and how to make them:


When the bartender found out I was a food blogger, she pulled out another one!


This was for the Green Onion dressing that went with Abe’s salad. I had a bite, but mostly stuck with the Greek Vinaigrette on mine.


In lieu of main courses, we ordered appetizers. Abe got the Fried Green Tomatoes, with shrimp on the side…


…pour moi, of course!


They were a very welcome addition to my cup of Chicken and Andouille Gumbo


Also in there – rice and The Trinity (peppers, onion, celery)


I don’t eat gumbo often (ever?!) and I was surprised at how dark it was (from the roux).

Also don’t think I’ve had a fried green tomato before – sampled a teeny bite with chipotle remoulade sauce:


I love eating at the bar! You don’t feel pressure to order a lot but still get to experience the upscale food/ambiance. And since the portions were small, I DID get to fill up on bread (well worth it at this place).


Bourbon Street at night is a lot different than during the day. Probably because more people are nursing Hurricanes.


We walked down a street with beautiful antiques and art galleries. I thought this original Dr. Seuss drawing was pretty rad.


Then, The House of Blues:


This was the annual Home for the Holidays concert, which benefits the Daniel Price Memorial Fund for Aspiring Artists. When Abe saw the lineup in the paper he knew we had to go. I left my camera at the hotel, but snapped the above photo with my iPhone. We didn’t stay for the whole thing; it was standing room only and the tops of my feet hurt from walking all day. But not before enjoying some great music – Abe also got to meet Wendell Pierce from Treme and The Wire, which totally made his night.

And that was my last evening as a 33-year-old…

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14 thoughts on “Bar Food

  1. Monet

    Ryan and I hope to visit New Orleans in March. Seeing your post makes me wish we were visiting tomorrow. I love when restaurants serve good bread. Your black muffin looked AMAZING. I hope you continue to have a safe and fun trip. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cindy

    Can’t remember the last time I had gumbo…real gumbo. My favorite is the the shrimp and crawfish variety. Love it. Love it. Love it. BTW the stock base and andouille darkens it in addition to the roux.

    Looks like you are having a good time leading up to your birthday today. I’ve said it before, but here it is again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. Danielle @ myfoodideas

    You have never heard of fried green tomatoes?! i only know of it because of the movie (a GREAT movie!) but i always thought they looked pretty good…if you havent seen thath movie its a must see!

  4. Roxan

    I’m glad you’re having such a good time! Isn’t it amazing how small bourbon street is? I always thought it was a huge street and when i went, I was so surprised. I can’t believe how many people they fit into that skinny little street.


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