Po’ Me

Of course, the second we got to LAX this morning, the clouds parted and we spotted blue skies – for the first time in six days!!!


The sun was shining down on me, too, because we almost didn’t make it out of Los Angeles! I forgot to pack my ID!!! I almost had a heart attack.  How did I remember to bring my NATIVE FOODS FREQUENT EATER REWARDS CARD and not my driver’s license?!?


Thankfully, we had various forms with my name/address/etc. on it, and security let me through. Also, we’re lucky that our housesitters can FedEx my ID to me overnight. I don’t drink alcohol, but visiting New Orleans without being able to set foot in a bar would be way too sad!

While waiting to board our flight, we munched on sprouted bagels, PB, and fruit that we packed:


(The Justin’s Winner has been chosen, but there are a BUNCH more giveaways lined up in the next few days, so keep checking back for chances to win some other free foodie prizes!)

When we arrived in New Orleans, the sun was already setting, but it was still pretty warm out. The first thing I saw upon opening my hotel door:


Now THAT’S a welcome!


I gobbled one up while I unpacked. Dense, chewy chocolate-y perfection.


Then we headed to dinner. After being cooped up for almost a week, it felt so good to walk!




It “snowed!”


In honor of Abe’s father, we went to:


Last time we were in New Orleans (over a decade ago) we ate here with his family.



You order at the counter, then they bring food out to you.


I asked for the smaller size of the Famous Ferdi Special


What’s debris?! Noun:


Abe got the only vegetarian option – an omelet, with grits (which I sampled, but really didn’t like.)


This, however, I loved…






Unfortunately it did NOT love me back. Almost immediately I felt sick – dizzy, nauseous, etc.  Dunno if it was too much food, or too rich, but I haven’t felt violently ill from food like that in years, and I have certainly eaten much larger portions of meat and grease on numerous occasions without any adverse effects.

So instead of walking around the city in the nice weather like I’d hoped, I’m blogging from my hotel bed. I guess I’m going to have to be more careful about what (and how much) I ingest this trip. It’s going to be hard, though! Already I’m feeling a little better and fantasizing about that po’ boy again…like an abusive ex…

What a crazy day – both mentally and physically!

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  • http://www.VeganByValerie.com MarathonVal

    Oh boy, I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty nervous that I’m going to starve the entire time I’m in New Orleans haha. I know the vegetarian options will be few and far between, and I’m guessing the term ‘vegan’ probably doesn’t exist down there… yikes. Oh well… hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your trip!

  • http://www.anutritionisteats.com emily (a nutritionist eats)

    Oh no Lynn!! I hope you are feeling better. We went to Mother’s our first day in NOLA and I had the same sandwich. Taster got the fried shrimp po boy which was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Although, fried food probably sounds awful to you right now!

  • http://www.mylifewithtommy.com Susan C

    I like your priorities: frequent eater reward card is way more important than your ID.

    Sorry you felt so sick after that po’ boy. Bummer! But this characterization, “Already I’m feeling a little better and fantasizing about that po’ boy again…like an abusive ex…” cracked me up.

    Enjoy your café and beignet tomorrow!

    • http://chezjulie.wordpress.com ChezJulie

      I was thinking that, too. Lynn has her priorities straight!

  • http://healthandhappinessinLA.blogspot.com Erika @ Health and Happiness in LA

    Oh man, I miss being outside and walking. I’ve been back visiting my family in Indiana for a week now and there has been no “snowing.” Just SNOWING. And freezing!

  • http://www.luvtoeat.wordpress.com lequan

    Aww Lynn, I really hope you feel better soon, dear. You and Abe deserve to enjoy some sunshine and lots of great eats after being cooped up for so long. At least you hurdled the ID incident. I’d rather make it to New Orleans, eat something really fantastic and feel sick, than not making it there at all. Let’s hope the sun really comes out for you tomorrow. Take care and have a wonderful time in New Orleans! 2 more days until your birthday! WOOT!

  • Angie

    My in-laws are from LA. I can only eat a few bites & then I’m done. The food is so good but too rich for me. I always carry Tums with me when visiting. I still love New Orleans though!

  • http://www.supersana.com Sana

    I am so glad you were able to travel without your ID!

  • http://www.cksmetalart.blogspot.com Cindy

    Cracked me up with the “abusive ex” comment. Sorry dinner didn’t agree. Hopefully that was just a flying topsy turvy kind of thing…especially in New Orleans. I would have wanted extra debris on my sandwich.

    Have a great stay!

  • http://actorwaiter.blogspot.com Nelle @ Living Cliche

    HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! And I’m sure there’s at least one veggie friendly restaurant in New Orleans. Hope you find it, for Abe’s sake!

  • http://squigglefloey.wordpress.com squigglefloey

    Ahh feel better girlie! And happy birthday! It stopped raining here in So.Cal…but only for a few days apparently <3 have a safe wonderful trip!

  • http://www.saywhatyouneedtosayblog.com Lauren

    Glad you arrived safely and what a warm welcome!!! Cookies are never a bad way to say hello. :)

  • http://www.Annemarieblogs.wordpress.com Anne Marie

    I’ve forgotten my ID before too!! Luckily the airport was close enough to my apartment in college that my sweet roommate drove it to me :) We were fighting at the time too. Soo much girl drama back in those days!!

  • http://www.froyolover.blogspot.com Gabriela @ Fro-Yo Lover

    Wow – I’m sorry about the Po’ boy’s “side effect”, girl!
    Hope you’re doing better :)

  • http://chezjulie.wordpress.com ChezJulie

    I was so proud of you for going to Mother’s and ordering the debris like a true New Orleanian, but then sorry to hear it made you sick. I have definitely had the “great meal followed by night in the bathroom” experience in N.O. I live on the Gulf Coast, too, and New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the world.

    The Napoleon House in the Quarter has some vegetarian sandwich options, and is one of my favorite atmospheric places to go for lunch when I’m there. The Gumbo Shop is also great and reasonably priced, and they do some veggie entrees, too. For an upscale meal, Bayona might have some options because chef Susan Spicer is influenced by Mediterranean cooking as well as New Orleans creole.

    There are a lot of hip and creative places to eat in N.O. that will definitely have vegetarian dishes. If you go to the real old school places like Mother’s or Galatoire’s, you are going to have fewer options.

  • quinn

    Hope you are feeling better! I think travel demands a lot of our bodies, and maybe “gentle” eating would be a good idea upon arrival. Not saying I always follow my own advice, though…it’s so tempting to dive into the local cuisine!

  • http://blessedHi5ive.wordpress.com BlessedHi5ive

    Happy Birthday Lynn! And Happy Holidays to you as well. Hope you are having a great great time in the big easy!

  • http://leftcoastcontessa.wordpress.com leftcoastcontessa

    Looks like an awesome trip! I love NOLA and I hope you have a great time!

  • http://une-vie-saine.com Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine

    I’m always petrified I’m going to forget my ID when I need to go to the airport…so nice that security let you through anyway!! And happy birthday :) Enjoy your trip!

  • http://ambeegs.blogspot.com Amber

    Lynn! I am so excited to see that you went to Mother’s! My husband and I went there 6 years ago on our trip to New Orleans and LOVED it! It is by far one of the most unique places I have dined and it was really good both times we went there. I’m sorry you felt sick afterwords though. Another one of my faves was Jacques-Imo’s. Check it out if you have time!

  • Cristin

    Oh no! Pace yourself! Eating is a marathon in Louisiana. I usually feel sick at least once while I am there. :)
    Feel better and have fun!

  • http://healthycoconut.wordpress.com Healthy Coconut

    I’m taking the cookie as a clue, are you staying at a Doubletree hotel? lol!

    Hope you are feeling better. When I sent to Philadelphia, I got sick from one of the Philly cheese sandwiches…I don’t eat red meat often so I think eating a lot in one sitting gave my tummy troubles.

  • http://lowandbhold.wordpress.com lowandbhold

    I always panic that I forgot my id/wallet when I travel. I’m glad it all worked out though!

  • http://foodinreallife.wordpress.com Jamie @ Food in Real Life

    Uggh, hope you are feeling better!!

    Glad you were able to figure out the ID situation too, that is scary when that happens.

  • http://smoothiegirleatstoo.blogspot.com Deb (SmoothieGirlEatsToo)

    Bahaha your native foods card! :-) hee.

    I’m sorry that it made you sick (temporarily, yay)!

    And Happy Birthday! (I think it’s tomorrow?)

    Have a blast!

    • http://theactorsdiet.wordpress.com Lynn at The Actors Diet

      yes, it’s tomorrow! thanks, deb!

  • http://vanillakitchen.blogspot.com vanillasugarblog

    get some probiotics in your system too–daily

  • http://districtchocoholic.blogspot.com Victoria (District Chocoholic)

    Oh man, so sorry to hear about your poor po’ boy experience – but at least it was yummy. And Mother’s is such an experience.