Before the Storm

I’m blogging now before the big one hits – there’s supposed to be some extreme weather tonight – fingers crossed there isn’t a blackout!

Record rainfall has taken its toll on our car 🙁


The convertible top has been leaking, and the leather on the steering wheel is sticky and gross. Anyone know if this is something that will eventually just dry out, or is there something we can do to treat it?!


How is it that New Orleans has better weather than Los Angeles?!?


Hoping that warm sun stays (though it looks like it’ll be thunderstorming on my birthday, and a wet X-mas!)

While packing up, I looked through the pantry for some dinner.


Thrown together with broccoli


Also curious about this new-to-me frozen dessert…


I don’t count calories, but was baffled at how this entire pint could be less than 150?!


Tried a scoop of each flavor, sprinkled with a little Cranberry Lemon Sugar Cookie


And something definitely not low-calorie, a Gluten-Free Magic Bar


The texture of the Arctic Zero is nice n creamy, but I wasn’t feeling the flavor.

Definitely dug this, though


HIGHLY recommend seeing “The Fighter.” Amazing performances, great directing (David O. Russell is one of my favorites) and much funnier than I had anticipated.

One more snack before bed:


See you in New Orleans! Hopefully without any storm-related drama!


18 thoughts on “Before the Storm

  1. Monet

    Oh the weather has sure been crazy around the country! We are fortunate to not be getting much in Colorado…at least in our parts! Ryan and I are eager to see the Fighter…I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing another great post with me. I hope you are having a week of family, friends and love!

  2. Tina

    I’ve tried the cookies and cream and the vanilla maple artic zero flavors. The cookies and cream was exactly like the ones you tried: good consistency, but the flavor was too much like a mild protein shake. The vanilla maple however is really good! Thats the only flavor that has added sugar though, which is probably why its the best one 😉

  3. Cindy

    Have a safe trip!! AND a very Happy Birthday!

    If the cover on your steering wheel is leather, then any sort of leather conditioner will work. Clean it with saddle soap and then apply the conditioner. If it’s not leather, then it could be the vinyl breaking down, which will just continue. You’ll want to get a cover for it.

    …or stop eating your PB & J sandwiches in the car. 😉

  4. Fun and yum

    Just tried the mint chocolate cookie Arctic Zero….loved it. As for the vanilla having added sugar…I’m confused cause all the flavors use organic cane sugar and monk fruit as the sweeteners. But hell, with 16 grams of whey protein and only 150 calories, I’ll never complain.


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