Pink Taco

I knew it’d still be raining today, so when trying to decide on the restaurant for a blogger lunch, I had one request: easy parking!

Ameena suggested the Century City Mall and Deb recommended Pink Taco as a meeting point.


Ya can’t miss it!


Decided not to make any additional wet steps and headed right inside.


Loved the fun and kitschy decor!


The gorgeous, tank-topped waitress (this place is reminiscent of Hooters in that way) seated us in a HUGE booth…


…and plopped down a PAIL of freshly fried corn chips, which I promptly sunk my hand in.


Grilled Farmers Market Vegetable Burrito ($12)


Stuffed with peppers, rice, beans, squash…even without cheese, it was really flavorful!


Came with a side salad of mixed greens, avocado, red peppers + onion, roasted pepita seeds


I packed half the burrito to bring back to Abe, and filled up on chips n salsa – probably about 3 or 4 handfuls worth?

They brought gifts! Bloggers are so thoughtful 🙂

Deb picked some fresh citrus from her trees, and gave us each a reusable bag


Ameena and her daughter Maya baked Magic Bars


I asked 4x what was in them and I’ve forgotten once again. Butter, sugar, chocolate, and ???

I DO know they’re gluten-free!


And DELICIOUS! Sorry, Pink Taco, no dessert menu necessary!


Totally worth braving the rain for lunch with these lovely ladies. Not only are they proficient bloggers, but amazing people in general. If you’re looking for a good Christmas gift, please consider the Blogger Calender Deb put together, benefiting cancer research.

The babes on it are just as hot as the ones at Pink Taco!

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30 thoughts on “Pink Taco

  1. Lauren

    That burrito looks F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!! And so does this lunch with amazing ladies. I would LOVE some of those Magic bars. How thoughtful and delicious. 😉

  2. Jen G.

    I made magic bars for the first time last night! They were delicious, but confirmed a suspected coconut allergy — my legs, arms, and throat itched for several hours after I ate them!

      1. Walking E

        Thanks for the link! If I ever go there, I am ordering The Hole Enchilada!
        (*Straightens tie*) Thank you! Good night! 😉

  3. Deb (SmoothieGirlEatsToo)

    Ha- walking E has a point- remember the “euphemism” I used in referring to the name Pink Taco? I won’t repeat it on this rated PG blog. 😉

    Her other ingredient was coconut- that actually is the MAGIC ingredient- I told her the bars are worthy of their own post- they’ll go viral like Mrs Peas balls 🙂

    And finally thank you so much for a wonderful lunchdate- I always enjoy talking to you two. You’re both so easy-going and fun and real. And thank you ever so much for the calendar shout out! I still have a few that people can order!

    By the way, your camera is FIERCE- those closeups are really gorgeous. And yes, you’re right about the Hooteresque waitresses 🙂

  4. lowandbhold

    Haha, I feel like I could get in trouble for reading this post at work. For being a hooters-type restaurant though, the food sounds really good! I love a veggie burrito.

  5. Susan

    Awww, looks like so much fun!!! I need to go to California more so I can see you guys 🙂

    Also, I don’t think I’m mature enough to go to a Pink Taco without laughing incessantly.

  6. jessica o'brien

    always had good food there, but the service was the worst restaurant service i ever had IN. MY. LIFE. last time, so alas it’s been awhile 😉 chips + salsa sound soooo perfect for this weather!

    i read ameena’s blog + she better cough up that recipe! 🙂

  7. Bodine

    Please !!the recipe for the magic bars!!!is it the one with the condensed milk???if so then booo for me, I cannot do dairy like that anymore.too rich, but I was hoping for a Christmas miricle on a different recipe.But I will still make them for my kids:)))))Share share!!
    PS…pink taco???what a name !!

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