Flow It, Show It

Last night Abe asked me, “When are you going to eat this packet of Trail Mix?”

Answer: This morning!

I crumbled half the sweet n savory combo over a bowl of oat bran, which also had frozen mango, egg whites, and Vanilla Stevia in it.

Then I went and got my hair did!

Beverly Hills Color Bar is located on South Santa Monica Blvd. (across from The Peninsula Hotel) in 90210.  I was invited to receive free services at their boutique salon!

The space is small but very clean and modern.  I was immediately greeted by one of the owners, Malcolm McAlpine, who’s been doing hair for over 30 years (he used to work as the Artistic Director at Umberto).

Their slogan is “Indulgence Without Regret” – basically you have access to the top stylists in the city without the super crazy price tags:

I had the option to receive a complimentary color too, but knew I couldn’t, since I need my hair to look like my headshots!

We stuck with a regular shampoo, cut, and blow dry instead.  I just let Malcolm work his magic!



Loooove it!  A definite change but nothing drastic.  This is my kinda place – no frills, no fuss – just good quality at an affordable price.  I get weirded out by salon settings/culture, and this was just a chill, non-intimidating environment.

Street parking was a cinch, and I was in and outa there in under an hour.  Although they welcome walk-ins, I recommend making an appointment with Malcolm – he was incredibly easy to talk to, listened to my requests, and didn’t make me feel like an idiot when I admitted I don’t own a blow dryer.

Nor did he push any products on me, though I did leave with a sweet little SWAG bag, courtesy of Formula LA:

This shampoo/conditioner is specifically formulated for Los Angeles.  Say WHAT?!?  They’re designed to combat the effects of hard water, dry air, harsh sun, and all the gross LA pollutants.  Talk about a local product…plus they’re packaged in aluminum so they’re easily recyclable.

Not cheap though – each product retails at about $40/bottle.  I’ll let you know if I notice a significant difference!

How much would you pay for “good hair?”

38 thoughts on “Flow It, Show It

  1. Julienne

    I love your new cut! 🙂 I probably wouldn’t pay more than $50 for a good cut. Enjoy your new do. 🙂

  2. wendy

    WOWWWW! Lynn, I am super impressed! These prices are unheard of in BH!! Thanks for sharing! I would pay top dollar to maintain the perfect hair cut. I go to Jose Eber in BH and am able to get a break on their regular haircut charge since my stylist has a daughter in my classroom, but I have paid $250 for a cut with Andy Lecompte at Chris McMillan Salon in the past and to be honest, his cut wasn’t all that.

    You look super pretty, as always! How much did he take off? Your hair looks healthy and voluminous! LOVE!!!

  3. Lauren

    I feel like I pay a small fortune for a trip to the salon but I do admit, I love it! I absolutely HATE spending more for shampoo than I would on a weeks worth of groceries but I have had some of the best experiences with top dollar products. I’m not really sure how people afford this habit though. Priorities I guess.

    You’re hair looks stunning love!

  4. Danielle @ myfoodideas

    Hair cut looks awesome! looking beautiful as always….thats so cool that they make a product geared towards LA living.

  5. wendy lee

    Your hair looks gorgeous. On several occasions in my younger years I’ve paid a lot for haircuts and I don’t know if they were really that good or I just convinced myself they were to justify the extravagance.
    Now that I’m old and have stopped having my hair dyed I am in and out for less than 40 bucks. I could probably find someone cheaper but he’s across the street and it’s an unpretentious place, which I prefer. My standard poodle’s haircuts cost more than mine! (but then she does look better than I do)
    Now that I’m turned off to lauryl sulfates (sp?), I have found a CVS brand of shampoo and conditioner without them and they are cheap and work fine. I used to spend extra money for Devachan Curly Girl products but I no longer think it’s worth it.

  6. jessica o'brien

    you not owning a hair dryer is awesome! as someone with curly / wavy hair, it’s simply not an option for me. i wish!

    thanks for reviewing this spot. it’s in my new ‘hood so while i’m loyal to my stylist i’ve been seeing for 5 years, i may pop in for a blow-out or something!

  7. carmen

    ok – totally random question – i have always admired your spoons (the one pictured in the 3rd picture. do you mind sharing where they are from?

  8. Astrid

    I have recently paid about 40 bucks for curly hair care for humidity. It was totally worth it. I love my hair now. I do think it is worth it to pay for good hair products. When you have curly hair and live where it is jumid, you need something that works. You look gorgeous, by the way. Not that that is a surprise!

  9. Cindy

    Haircut looks great!! For me, Short hairstyle = cut every 5 weeks at $65 + $5 tip for the shampoo girl. Wish I could take my stylist with me when I move.

  10. ChezJulie

    I totally know what you mean about being weirded out by salon culture. I go to a place that is very funky in an old house with young stylists who listen to cool music. Not pretentious at all. I pay $60.00 for a cut now, but the guy is a wizard.

  11. Chelsea

    When I lived in the Bay Area I used to pay $145 tip = $175 for *only* my hair cut. I don’t color my hair. Now? I pay $60 including tip and it’s just as good a haircut!

  12. lequan

    Your new haircut looks great, Lynn! Hearing the prices that people pay for good hair makes me so thankful that my mom has her own salon. I don’t take advantage as much as I should though.

  13. Veronica

    I’m new to your blog (found you through Burp and Slurp) but I subscribed immediately b/c I find it so interesting! Your breakfast bowl sounds good, but I’m iffy on the egg whites. That kinda wigs me out. 🙂 Being an actress in CA is such a different life. Here in KS where I’m just another regular person, I spend $150 on a cut, color, blow dry and style and I think that’s a lot. LOL! Your hair looks really great–love it!

  14. Monet

    Beautiful haircut! I’m all about places that offer great service but at a reasonable price. It seems like you found a good one! And how fun that you got to sample their offerings. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

  15. greensandjeans

    If I get my hair colored too then I usually end up in the $125 range, otherwise it’s usually around $50 for just a haircut (and then $5 for a box of dye!). I don’t mind spending a little extra on my hair.

  16. Sues

    Your hair looks awesome!! And I love that there’s a special shampoo just for L.A. 🙂 I totally want a Boston version!!

  17. Maria M.

    Lynn — If I may, a number of your breakfast involving oat bran also include egg whites. I’ve never commented before, but how do you incorporate them into your hot cereal? What are you doing with the egg yolks?

  18. Bodine

    Well nice to know I am not the only woman that does not own a blow dryer…(or any other hair tools.)I wash and go…my hair looks sort of like yours in cut, so simple, no fuss.I like healthy , not over done.Keep us posted about the shampoo, I always wonder if a $40 bottle vs a $8 bottle makes a big difference.I find less chemicals the better.We put in a shower (not too expensive), and wow our hair looks and feels much better:)))!!!…you may want to try that before shelling out the big dough!!I wouldn’t spend more than 40 bucks on a cut…:))

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