New Flavors

I spent a good portion of the car ride from yesterday’s blogger meetup picking Sophia’s brain about the uses for Gochujang (Korean red pepper paste). She had some wonderful suggestions (like peanut butter sauce, mmmm) and got my confidence going to whip something up.


Another new to me product, sent by Eco Vegan:


Began by cooking some onions with the “Orientals’ Joy”


Once the soy nuggets browned on one side, I combined a squirt of Gochujang with an almost empty jar of crushed garlic, some Tamari, and hot water.


Shake and pour


Add bok choy and toss to coat til wilted.




YUM – I’m so used to the same old stir fry coming from my kitchen that it felt like I was eating from a restaurant! The fake meat reminded me a lot of stuff I’ve had at Happy Family in Monterey Park or Zen Palate in NYC.


There was brown rice under there too.


Apple + Antioxidants


Movie munchies – Chez Cocoa Somersaults


We watched two really good (and very different) documentaries that foodies would be interested in: The Oscar-Winning film The Cove (which was more gripping than most narrative thrillers I’ve seen) and I Like Killing Flies, about the infamous NYC dinner Shopsins. Both are now available to watch on Netflix Instantly.

Speaking of instant movies – my film White on Rice is now available FOR FREE on Hulu!


12 thoughts on “New Flavors

  1. Astrid

    Oh fun! I love White on Rice (I liked Saving Face, too). I need to check out those documentarie. I can never decide which titles to watch instantly on Netflix. I get overwhelmed by the choices and spend a good hour perusing, just to end up watching nothing.

  2. zros

    U can try stir fry garlic add in cabbage then add squids. And final touch with the chilli paste (red pepper paste). Everything done in a short time otherwise, cabbage will not be crunchy & squid will be rubbery.

  3. MarathonVal

    OOooo I want some of that TJ’s garlic, I used the minced garlic from Costco but I’m almost out. AND I heard a rumor that a TJ’s is coming to my neighborhood soon. Clearly this is very exciting news to me 🙂


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