Bloggy Sunday

cow dance emoticonHappy Food Dance!


A polished off jar of Almond Butter could only mean one thing:


This morning’s Oats In A Jar mix had oat bran, frozen organic strawberries, Vanilla Stevia, and egg whites. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – ONLY DO THIS WITH GLASS CONTAINERS.

I think I did a magnificent job cleaning out the nut butter remnants:


Befitting that I ate a blogger-inspired breakfast, since I had a meetup in the afternoon! Here’s Amanda and Andy:


Sophia and Kaitlin (the one photographing her food, of course)


We went to the Pasadena Intelligentsia – I’ve been to the Venice and Silverlake locations a few times before. This space is much bigger…


…and they also serve food:


Wasn’t in a coffee/tea mood so I ordered a Roasted Butternut Squash Soup.


It was all right – nothing mind-blowing. For $7, can a girl get a hunk of bread on the side?!?

This was Amanda’s “Lasagna Cupcake” – don’t think muffin – it’s basically short ribs wrapped in noodles with salad on top.


Andy waiting patiently for all of us to finish taking photos so he could finally eat his sandwich…


The Two Boos liked their dishes; my general impression is that the food is overpriced and not on par with the quality of their brews.

But everything was certainly photogenic!





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18 thoughts on “Bloggy Sunday

  1. Astrid

    I get super jealous but happy at the same time when I see bloggers I know getting together. It reminds me of the memories I have shared with you, too. I wish I had a cool coffee shop nearby to get a delicious scone and coffee drink with hearts on top.

  2. ChezJulie

    Sunday, Bloggy Sunday… That restaurant looks like it is a little overly impressed with its food presentation as opposed to value.

  3. Rose

    i’m always a little skeptical of a place where the coffee is better than delicious looking (mediocre tasting) food. why not just serve good coffee, eh?
    glad you had a good time though! looks like fun

  4. sophia

    Yay!!! It was so fun to hang out again. I get more and more amazed each time by your grace and strength, Lynn. And Amanda, Andy, and Kaitlin FTW! 😀

    By the way, I am so glad I ate before I went. Everything was so darn expensive! $3.50 for a muffin! No thanks. But the cappuccino was definitely the best thing I’ve drunk in a while!

  5. twobooswhoeat

    I’m convinced that I need your camera now. Your pictures are fabulous! It was so nice getting together today. Thanks for inviting us. We are big coffee lovers and it did not disappoint.

  6. Monet

    It sounds like you had a lovely day…and I love that you were able to connect with some fellow bloggers. How much fun! I find that most really good coffee shops don’t have the best food…they are known for there espresso and brews so I always bring my own treat to eat along with my cup of joe! Thanks for sharing, love!


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