This whole city feels like it’s on vacation mode! Woke up early with an appetite (yay) and fixed some breakfast – the last bit of Stonyfield Plain Yogurt combined with a 6 oz. container of Chobani Pomegranate:


Chopped organic gala – Abe wanted whole almonds, I had mine all ground up.


Whenever I eat yogurt with nut butter, I don’t need it to be as sweet?!


By noon we were on the other side of town, picked up our in-laws, and took them to lunch at a Venice fave:


I got my Lemonade usual – 2 salads divied into 4:


Rainbow Kale with sherry and creme fraiche


Brussels Sprouts with shaved parm and balsamic


Watermelon Radish, Ahi Tuna, Snap Peas and Sesame (such a unique dish!)


Chicken Breast with butternut squash, grapes and oregano


This portion size is PLENTY – I was actually pretty stuffed afterwards.

Abe got 3 sides (really 6) and couldn’t finish; I helped him out by sampling the 3 salads I didn’t choose – sugar snap peas, broccoli, and some pasta.


The rest was taken to-go:


Also tried a bite of my father-in-law’s Potato Salad – needed more seasoning.


Everything else was great, as usual. I’ve eaten better Brussels Sprouts, but the Kale is right up there with M Cafe’s!


We took a walk along Abbot Kinney – it feels like a lot of peeps have the day off and are chillin’ with their families. Met lotsa cute dogs too.


Now I’m just hanging at the beach house, digesting before tonight’s dinner! Hope you’re enjoying your pre-T-day with loved ones.

11 thoughts on “Staycation

  1. lequan

    What do watermelon radish taste like? They look beautiful.

    By the way, my friend Nancy (the one i made cakepops with) reads your blog (she’s a lurker) and said she tried M Cafe and Umami Burger and loved both of them. She complimented you on your choice of great places to eat in LA. Nancy, if you’re reading this, de-lurk 😉 teehee.
    Hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Lynn!

  2. Danna

    hi lynn! i’ve come up your blog awhile ago and u did grace my old blog ‘englishplate’ before heheh dont think you could remember…but yours was my inspiration..and was wondering if you could grace my new uni vlog? and give some reviews hehe that would be helpful. It actually turned into a uni vlog and i’d love to hear from you on suggestions. You’re cool 🙂 Keep blogging!

  3. Nelle @ Living Cliche

    Haha… being a waiter, it DOESN’T feel like the city is on vacation mode. BOO! 🙁 But I am SO, SO grateful to have Thanksgiving off while my co-workers labor–I’m one of the lucky few this year! It makes me doubly excited to stay up late and prep/cook lots of goodies! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  4. jessica o'brien

    mmmm, i need to get back to Lemonade. i haven’t sampled enough! i do need to find a way around all the waste though…. i hate dumping paper and plastic in the trash can after a meal there. hmmm.

    have a happy thanksgiving!

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