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I Shouldn’t, But I Did

dessert - salads - vegan

7.5 hours of sleep! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten more than 6 – I’ll take it!

Lounged around in bed for a while, then had a breakfast snack before my morning walk.



It’s freezing in my house, yet very warm outside! I was definitely overdressed. Came home feeling sweaty, tired, nauseous (meds) and ready to eat.


Chopped collards, broccoli, snow peas, and carrots tossed in Tahini thinned with water…


…leftover pumpkin/parsnip, TJ’s dried orange cranberries, and Gerb’s Pumpkin Seeds


Next on the agenda – Healthy Rice Krispies Treats!


We’re having an early dinner with family tonight – I volunteered to make a gluten and sugar free dessert for all our dietary-restricted eaters. Been wanting to try this vegan Ricemellow Creme that Suzanne’s Specialties sent a while back:


I adapted the recipe found on this site. Start by melting 3 Tablespoons Coconut Manna and add 1 Tablespoon Cornstarch (dissolved in water). It began burning so I turned the heat down.


Then mix in the entire tub of Ricemellow Creme + 1 TB Vanilla Extract


The Ricemellow tastes JUST LIKE MARSHMALLOWS. Do a happy dance, vegans and diabetics!

I probably shouldn’t have used the entire bag of Puffed Rice Cereal.


But I did, and now it’s not sticky or sweet enough.


And I probably shouldn’t have heated up and added the remnants of this Chocolate Brown Rice Nectar.


But I did, and now I’m bringing over something that looks like a kindergarten art project.


It’s covered, chilling in the fridge, and I’m praying for hardening to happen. Do you see now why I never make desserts?! I’m way too impatient and I can’t follow directions.

Sorry, Aunt Heidi! If you’re reading this before I arrive, I’m supplementing with vegan chocolates!

Never one to waste…


I made a fluffernutter sandwich for the future.


Any advice to save my rice krispies tonight so they’ll be cut-able? I read somewhere that you should bake them – but I’m too scared to further ruin things!


dinner - restaurant

adjective – out of luck; having failed or lost

e.g. – I’m balls! My car got hit ONCE AGAIN!


I’m fine, though. She was fine. Everything’s fine. I was on my way to read a play with my White on Rice co-star James and was very late, though.

noun – bravado, courage, guts

e.g. – Neil LaBute’s main characters usually have balls (and they’re dicks too).


I actually had the opportunity to read this before, WITH the playwright years ago (he directed me in Lakeview Terrace). It’s quite good.

James set out some Asian Pears but I didn’t have any – wanted to be hungry for my date with the old ball and chain :)


I’ve pretty much walked past La Bottega Marino every day for the past 5 years and have only eaten there once or twice. But since I had a Groupon for 1/2 off $30 worth of food, we went last night for dinner.


Got settled in the cozy window nook and enjoyed some bread with cannellini bean puree


Started off with two:


I’ve never noticed their deli case before – filled with a ton of veggie side dishes. When I asked the waiter how to go about ordering these, he told me to get the Antipasto Vegetariano – 5 selections for $11


I wound up ordering 3 – the pumpkin/parsnip, rapini, and spinach (served cold). Plus another appetizer dish, the Polpette al Sugo, a.k.a….




My own definition: the shape of all famously delicious foods.

e.g. Mama Pea’s vegan PB Cookie Dough Balls (which have gone viral in the food blogging world) and Starry Kitchen’s incredible Tofu Balls.

Yes, I guess I had balls on the brain last night. They were so big my food was falling off the table!


These balls were incredibly delicious. Moist, flavorful, and quite a steal at $6!


We asked for more bread so I could enjoy a little ball sandwich.


The balls were so filling, I took one home, along with a little leftover pumpkin/parsnip.


Food writer Jonathan Gold has asked us to stop comparing culinary balls with testicular ones. I’d like to point out that I have given SEVERAL definitions of “balls” in this post, and THAT was not one of them. If your mind naturally went there, I can claim no responsibility!

So glad we went back here, because all the food got a thumbs up! Even Abe’s pasta dish – which I had a bite of:


BYO Dessert – Ghiradelli Samples from the Foodbuzz Festival


adverb – very, extremely

e.g. – I was so balls tired I couldn’t make it through the movie we started at 10.


noun – an extremely enjoyable time or experience

e.g. – All in all, I had a ball!

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