Sante La Brea

I was on my own Wednesday – Abe went to Vegas to shoot “The Man’s Guide to Love.”

Started off with a long walk and simple breakfast bowl:


Nonfat organic cottage cheese (about a cup), Frozen Blueberries, Coconut Peanut Butter – definitely missing something – CRUNCH!


A little handful of Honey Almond Uncle Sam did the trick. Then, ginger chew + Hummingbird’s Delight tea


A late lunch date at Sante Le Brea




…with fellow food blogger Claire (welcome to LA!)


We ordered the same thing – Sante Le Brea’s menu is one of the most omnivorous and customizable ones I’ve ever seen


1/2 a Tempeh BLT…


…on multigrain instead of sourdough…


…pressed panini-style, with a side salad + vinaigrette


Dessert was waiter-recommended – their Jack-O-Lantern Vanilla Cake


Gorgeous, non?




Once the photos were snapped, it got ugly!


I totally devoured my half. It was yummy and pumpkin-y – a little on the dry side, though.

Wednesday nights are chorus rehearsal, but about an hour into it I felt really nauseous (my meds are still affecting me) so I went home early. All I wanted was soup. This was the best I could do:


I’ve had this packet of Instant Miso Soup sitting in my cupboard for so long I don’t even know if Trader Joe’s makes it anymore! While I ding donged some Haricots Verts and Frozen Chicken, I boiled some water, stirred to combine…




A Milk Chocolate Chip Attune Bar from the Foodbuzz Swag Bag


Before bed:


Could my dog be any cuter?!

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28 thoughts on “Sante La Brea

  1. Danielle @ myfoodideas

    A day filled with all kinds of yummy food! That sandwich looks SO good, now i want a blt lol….. & Julius does look adorable, as always.

  2. Vicky @ eat live spin

    Did you know that the restaurant you went to was on a show!? It was on Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares “on FOX… before that restaurant was a MESS! Gordon Ramsay came in, redecorated and changed the menu! Apparently he did a great job!

  3. Astrid

    That restaurant and cake look fantastic, by the way. I am also a huge fan of Ginger People candies. I haven’t had them in a while, though, so I need to get on that and buy myself a pack. Do you have a favorite flavor?

  4. Roxan

    YUM! I’ll definitely have to check out sante la brea. The sandwich looks like it would rip up the top of my mouth though. Sometimes when that happens i have to just rip off little pieces of the sandwich and eat it like that. I know, I’m such a baby.

  5. biz319

    I love the setting of that restaurant with the long benches and pillows!

    Hope the soup and a good nights sleep did the trick and you are feeling better today! 😀

  6. sarahnotsoplainandtall

    I love Hensen’s Diet Rootbeer…but Im trying to cut back on artificial sweeteners, so Ive been sticking to seltzer water! So funny you use coconut peanutbutter, my friend just brought some back from Hawaii!! Although I usually dont have peanut butter, I couldnt resist a taste! MAN THAT STUFF IS GOOD (especially on a banana!)


  7. MarathonVal

    I love how in CA, omnivores can go to a vegan restaurant and it’s normal. Here, omnivores (like my hubby and friends and family, haha) CAN go to a vegan restaurant but they think it’s so off the wall and weird and eccentric that they whine the whole time…

  8. Monet

    I just told Ryan about how amazing your blog is…and we both drooled over your meal. What a great day…and that cake looks SPECTACULAR. I want to recreated it. Thank you for sharing…I hope your Friday is delightful!


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