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Foodbuzz Kill

My mind and body are still recovering from the Foodbuzz Festival!!!  In case you missed them, here are my posts recapping all the eats:

As much as the weekend was about food, the best part was hanging with all the bloggers.

A lot of these folks I’ve been following online for a while now – some of them even inspired me to start “The Actor’s Diet” – so meeting in person was truly special.

Just like at the end of a film shoot, trip, school year, or camp, I get immediately nostalgic.  Here’s the promised video of my adventures – for those of you who attended, you can relive the moments – and if you didn’t go, you’ll get a better sense of what the entire Festival was like.

So sorry to those of you who I interviewed but wound up on the cutting room floor – I shot all of this on my iPhone 4 and there were a few sound issues.

I’ll leave the link up on my Videos page so you don’t have to dig through archives if you don’t have time to watch it right now (it’s about 8 minutes – let it completely load first if it’s jumpy).  Feel free to share with  your readers too!

Pick Up and Take Out

salads - take out

We stopped for two things on the way back from the airport yesterday – takeout from Plancha (I had one more 1/2 off deal from Fresh Guide)


and a totally tuckered pooch!


The guy who watched Julius asked us if he ever sleeps. He certainly did the second he got in his crate!

He didn’t even do his usual freak out ritual letting us know it was dinnertime.


I wasn’t really hungry, either. I wound up eating the Chicken Fajita Salad about 8 hours after brunch, and even then my stomach was still pretty full from all the Foodbuzzin.


I combined the salad (which had grilled peppers/onions, shredded chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers) with the last of some arugula.


Leaving plenty of leftovers for today!


Plancha makes an amazing green salsa, which I used as dressing.


We caught up on Sunday rituals with a little dessert. I had two of the Apricot Espresso Chocolate Chip cookies from Friday night’s Foodie Gift Exchange


They were AMAZING!!! Soft, chewy, full of chunk-y goodness. Check out the recipe on Megan’s blog.

Alongside the heavenly nibbles I had some Chai Tea with Vanilla Stevia and Almond Milk (<—I bought the Whole Food’s brand and do not recommend it with hot drinks; gonna stick with Almond Breeze next time)


Did you see this CRAZY article about cheese in The Times?!


We spent most of the night editing my footage from the Foodbuzz Festival weekend. Unfortunately, there were some uploading problems (check back later today and hopefully it’ll be up) but in the meantime I have another VERY EXCITING video to share with you. Today’s feature on “The Man’s Guide to Love” is none other than my OWN man! Check out Abe’s stellar advice, and feel free to share!!!