Cream Colored Ponies

♬♬♬ And crisp apple mushy blueberry strudel  ♬♬♬


Thursday’s afternoon snack – leftover Bouchon pastry – was still amazing. Even after being unearthed from the freezer and ding donged!

Consumed with some sugar snap peas:


Used one of my favorite things for dinner – my Tofu Press:


Remember when I said freezing tofu whole will change its texture? Pressing it first makes it super easy to cut into cubes too:


I didn’t really know where I was going with this recipe last night – I knew I wanted to incorporate one of the specialty beers we recently acquired –


A friend of ours got some amazing deals on mixed cases of fancy schmancy booze so Abe bought a few for cheap. I don’t drink alcohol, but I will eat it, so I used a little of the Orange Blossom Cream Ale to deglaze some zucchini sauteed in Coconut Oil:


To the pot I added the tofu, a palmful of each of these spices…


…and a can of Trader Joe’s tomato sauce.


While that simmered away, there was a small organic spaghetti squash roasting in the oven.


Each half got shredded into strands and tossed with a little parm and Coconut Manna


Then topped with the “chili” sauce, which we have plenty of leftover – probably not a good idea to refreeze tofu that’s been frozen already, but I’m doing it anyway!



Super filling and delicious. Abe was raving about this dish (the rest of the beer he drank, however, not so much).


I’ve been waiting for this Oprah episode all week!!!


“The Sound of Music” reunion


You could say I’ve had a lifelong obsession with this musical…


…when we were kids, my cousin Hannah and I pretended we were the stars…


…eventually, I got to play “Maria” my senior year of high school!

A taste of Vegan English Toffee, in honor of Dame Julie Andrews – who I actually met at my cousin’s wedding a few years ago!!!


Have you ever met one of your role models? I have not only been introduced to, but become pretty friendly with a number of folks I grew up idolizing. It’s pretty awesome, but ultimately, ya gotta remember – we’re all just people! Still, when I stop and think about it, I recognize how fortunate and lucky I am, and am very grateful to be living my dreams, even though it can be really hard. I simply remember the opportunities I have had, that it’s difficult for everyone, take inspiration from that…

♬♬♬ …and then I don’t feeeeeel so baaaaad! ♬♬♬


24 thoughts on “Cream Colored Ponies

  1. Ameena

    Julie Andrews used to be my neighbor! I love her and The Sound of Music. I can’t wait to show it to Maya but I have to upgrade from my VHS copy to a DVD!

  2. Roxan

    LOL me, my siblings and cousins used to LOVE the sound of music. My dad even got us the sound of music soundtrack. Every year when we would get together for New Years day, we would watch that along with the wizard of oz. Hahaha… thanks for bringing back these memories!

  3. Mimi

    Teehee, I used to ALWAYS watch sound of music with my mom.

    I’m the same way about alcohol, actually. I don’t drink it but I’ll cook with it.

    Oh, neat thing about spaghetti squash I only recently discovered–if you want it REALLY long and spaghetti-like, cut it across the narrow half, not the long half, for two circle-halves instead of ovals. Muuuuch longer.

  4. Cassie

    gah! you’re so lucky you got to play Maria and meet Julie Andrews!! I love the Sound of Music and could probably sing every single song by memory; it’s so gooood!

  5. DiningAndDishing

    Have you ever been on the Sound of Music tour in Austria? If not you MUST go!! I don’t even like the movie THAT much (although I do think it’s cute!) but I loved loved loved the tour. Doesn’t get much more beautiful than that!

    – Beth @

  6. Deb (SmoothieGirlEatsToo)

    It’s ok that you like the Sound of Music. I like Phantom 🙂

    The tofu press might be the only gadget I don’t have! Derek will kick me out of the house if I get another gadget that I don’t use! 🙂

  7. Katie

    Aaah I missed this Oprah….when I was about 11, I did Oklahoma with Angela Cartwright’s son (she was Brigitta I think?). I was Laurey and he was Curly. Had a huge crush on him. We reconnected a couple years back and had a little fling…hehe. Anyway, she is SUPER sweet, and is actually a fantastic painter now!!
    I have seen Les Mis 10 times professionally and then 2 more when friends were in it. Was OBSESSED with the 3rd natn’l touring co of it (that’s why my email is what it is…yes I was a nerd in 8th grade, and still am now)…and the first time I saw it, there was this girl playing Eponine who I instantly connected with. She became my role model and I met her a few months later at the La Jolla Playhouse….long long story for the next time we hang out (hehe), but that girl was Sutton Foster, and we have been friends now for some time. She is still my role model, and it is crazy to think she was my age when i first saw her in LM….actually, the last time I saw the show was when SHE took me to see the revival in ny. She is such an amazing person and I feel truly grateful to have her in my life! And then my other role model is one of my best friends. I tend to pick people to aspire to be like/admire in whom I see a lot of myself…and who I feel connected to and able to reach out to. To idolize someone from a far distance kinda makes them and their achievements untouchable, for me at least…and creates kinda a disconnect (again, for me)…having my role models/idols/mentors somewhat close at hand makes my goals feel attainable! 🙂
    (sorry for the freakin long comment…and i’m running out of battery so i can’t reread it! ahh!)

  8. Julienne

    Yes, I have met one of my role models — I’ve met you! 🙂 But you probably don’t remember me. I got your autograph at the “Saving Face” premier and saw you again a the AsianAm awards a few yrs back, and recently at Macy’s in OC. 😉 Hope you visit HNL sometime.

  9. Healthy Coconut

    I don’t have DVR and I missed the episode of Oprah, hope they have videos of clips online for it. I love Sound of Music. For my music class in elementary, we did a whole tribute to it.

    I clicked on the link for the Funny or Die site, how do I vote for it or click funny? Didn’t see the option, but then I don’t have an account.

    Meeting my role models? Unfortunately, not yet 🙁

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