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Pickles n Pocky

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Remember my trip to the pickle factory back in August? My sour stash just ran out, and like magic, a new one appeared!


Dawn suggested I give Grillo’s Pickles a try. They’re actually only available on the East Coast (look for them at Whole Foods) but they were kind enough to ship me some samples!!!

LOVE that there’s no sugar in these.


Abe and I each snacked on a spear before dinner…


…and are both big fans. Nice n sour, crunchy, and fully penetrated with flavor. Plus, they sent me an awesome T-shirt so I can be a Grillo’s Pickle Lover for Halloween:


Can’t believe that’s this Sunday! I actually rarely dress up, but Julius does. Remember his fire hydrant costume last year?!


He’ll parade around in another ensemble this year – just not sure what yet. Suggestions?!

Leftovers for an early dinner:


Sugar snap peas, brussels sprouts and Coconut Roasted potatoes, with grilled chicken (for me; Abe had a veggie burger)


More randomness for dessert – Vegan Coffee Toffee, frozen mango chunks, and some Cinnamon Sweets cereal


Three hours of chorus rehearsal later (tickets for our Holiday Concert on December 5th are now on sale!) I dug into the Pocky from my San Diego Asian Film Festival SWAG bag:


Once you start munching on these chocolate-dipped biscuits, you can’t stop! I went back for another handful after this serving:


Lots of exciting news to share!!!

T Salon for Two

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Hey kids!

I’m blogging from T Salon, where I just had lunch and gave my cousin Amy her vegan cookies. Still had a Living Social Coupon so we got $20 worth of food for $10.

Miso Kale and Tofu Bowl:


Warm, comforting, and chock full of stuff


Comes with a side of delicious toast too


Had a bite of the Indian Market Egg Salad



Really good!


I learned my lesson from my previous visit and packed my own pear.


This time the WiFi works so I’ve gotta get back to work!

Happy Hump Day!

Variations on a Theme

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Sad to see this yesterday afternoon:


Our dear friends Michael and Katie are moving back to the east coast – I stopped by to say Ta-Ta For Now :(

Since the oven was already cleared from the Almond Butter Cookies (I usually store all my extra pots/pans in there – probably another reason I’m too lazy to bake) I decided to make an all-roasted dinner.

The first dish was blog inspired – I put my own spin on the Nut Butter Crusted Root Veggie Fries I’ve been wanting to try since their “debut” earlier this year.

Start with a tablespoon of Nut Butter – I used Coconut PB – and combine with a teaspoon of oil (I kept the Coconut theme going with some Nutiva EVCO)


Toss with a pound of fingerling potatoes and some salt + pepper…


…place on a baking sheet with parchment at 375 for about 45-55 minutes (flipping once) until crispy.


Also roasted a bag of frozen brussels sprouts with Garlic Gold Parmesan Nuggets


and baked a patty using the Casbah Falafel mix



The Roasted Coconut Potatoes were really terrific – I was almost expecting them to be sweet, but they’re just deliciously nutty and have an interesting, not-too-oily crust.

Still, they needed ketchup. But since we are basically out of that, they got mostly German mustard.


Dessert literally arrived on my doorstep as I was opening the freezer to see what options we had.


Chocolate Inspirations sent a whole bunch of their gourmet sweets. Since my dinner was entirely vegan, I decided to continue with the cruelty-free theme:


The Caramel Cup is “made in small batches with the finest ingredients to give you the fresh taste of homemade caramel with the expertise of a chocolatier.”

It’s mini, but packs quite a sweet punch! Rich, creamy, and totally satisfying.


Rejoice, lactose-intolerant and vegans! You can order their products online as a gift (to others or yourself).

We had a little “Lynn Chen” theme going with our evening entertainment – started by watching some DVD extras for “White on Rice” and stopped to catch my four lines on NCIS: LA (full episode available online now). It’s always a little weird viewing myself and I much preferred when we switched to Netflix Wii Watching, hopping around the romantic comedy genre until we finally settled in to watch a classic, “When Harry Met Sally.”

That movie is still great – we were up until 1am! My midnight snack:


I haven’t been feeling my usual hot cocoa lately and have been craving crunchy, cold things before bed instead. Apples are perfect. Tis the season!