Seize the Sunny Moment

It’s been raining the last few days in L.A. (with no signs of stopping) so when the skies got sunny this morning, I jumped out of bed and grabbed the opportunity for a walk.


Doesn’t it look like Julius is some holy beast? He’s glowing!


For breakfast, I broke into one of the new cereals that Attune Foods sent.


They’re very similar to the Original Uncle Sam, but sweetened, with a few additions


I had about 1/2 a cup of the Honey Almond with a handful of Marshmallow Oaties


Plus organic skim milk


Two hours later I was ready for lunch. Ding donged 2 sweet potatoes on high for about 3-4 minutes (turning once)


Smushed in a dollop of Better Than Cream Cheese


For the toppings, I started to microwave some frozen shitakes and broccoli. While those were working, I heated up some veggie bacon and scallions in a cast iron skillet…


…then added the broccoli/shrooms and seasoned with Garlic Gold Parm Nuggets, S + P.


Finally, a sprinkle of Gerb’s Toasted Garlic and Onion Pumpkin Seeds:



I’ve never had a vegan stuffed potato before and this was pretty yummy – took less than 10 minutes too.

It just got sunny out again! Maybe I need to take advantage with another walk….

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19 thoughts on “Seize the Sunny Moment

  1. susan

    I love your lunch! I wonder if i’d like tofutti cream cheese even if I don’t like regular cream cheese? I guess its something I’ll have to try!

  2. theEclecticLife

    Hey Lynn! Love the blog and completely share your adoration for delicious food! I am Nguyen’s sister (owner of Starry Kitchen) and while we were in town he showed us “White On Rice!” You did great and looked so lovely. Thanks for sharing healthy food options without sparing the taste!

  3. Kim

    You got sun today? Lucky! We had rain alllll day today, from 6am when I got up until 6pm when I got home. Ah well. I love these rainy days!

  4. Katie

    Where are those cupcakes from? They look delish! My friend got me a box of cupcakes from Yummy Cupcakes for my bday…..which made me a cupcake lover. And they tasted even better after being frozen (why is that?!)….mmm 🙂

    Will I be seeing you on Saturday?

  5. brandi

    hooray for clear skies! We’re having a rainy one here today – I’m hoping it clears up in time for house hunting this afternoon.

  6. Susan Campisi

    Julius really does look like he’s glowing! What a shiny, healthy coat. He must eat as well as his mom and dad, the lucky dog.

    Today is a sweet potato kind of day. Yours looks yummy!

  7. Joy

    I love my iPhone app GPS – it cost (I think) $1.99 and then you pay a fee either 2.99 a month or 24.99 a year and it is awesome! It’s called MotionX
    I call her Eve!

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