Manna Mystery

Even after doing research on Coconut Butters, this Manna still boggles my mind…


I’m reading, and yet I still don’t understand:


After scooping it out and taste-testing it straight up, I can’t tell how it’s different from Coconut Oil!


It’s not super sweet, tastes very butter-y (like the oil) and melts like crazy when it touches heat.



Where’d it go?!


That said, it made the fluffiest, creamiest, silkiest breakfast bowl ever.

  • 1/3 cup oat bran, 1 cup water
  • 1/3 can crushed pineapple in natural juices
  • 3 TB egg whites
  • NuStevia Powder (couple pinches)
  • 1 teaspoon Coconut Manna


I read that you’re supposed to use this like any nut butter. But honestly, I can’t imagine treating this jar like PB – spreading it on bread, dipping chocolate in it, etc….

Well, maybe one of you can help me out. Nutiva has offered to host a giveaway, and one lucky reader will receive the following:

To win, just leave a comment on this post with a simple recipe for the rest of my Coconut Manna. Extra entries for subscribing via email/RSS feed, linking back to this giveaway, tweeting about it, or “liking” T.A.D. on facebook. Winner will be chosen at random and emailed next week. U.S. Residents only.

Today’s been mellow – a quick audition this morning and a little Skype session with my nephews in NJ. I’m going to use one of our Living Social Deals for a big dinner tonight so I ate a light late afternoon snack – Tofutti Cream Cheese and Strawberry Rice Nectar Spreadable Fruit on CG Bran Crispbread


When I was little the other kids thought it was gross to eat cream cheese and jam together. I embrace it now, just like my preference for underripe pears (same with plums, peaches, and nectarines too).

Mmmm….not too sweet and juicy!


Did you know that Manna is “the name of a food that God provided for the Israelites during their travels in the desert as recorded in the Bible”?! If it’s that old, someone has got to help me figure this out!!!


75 thoughts on “Manna Mystery

  1. Cindy

    I did know manna was the name of the food that dropped from the heavens. I do not know what the hell this stuff is!!! I guess if the temperature is above 72 degrees it would actually pour from the sky. I’m totally perplexed in the most curious, I wanna try some manna kind of way. I think a manna dinner party is in order! I wonder what this would taste like as a substitute for the two tbsp. of oil in a basic pancake recipe. Top with some mango for a little tropical pancake fare.

    1. Dana Marie

      I would love to win!
      Coconut butter is basically interchangeable for butter or in smoothies a nut butter — so the recipe possibilities are endless oui?
      I think the coconut flavor lends itse;f best though to deserty type things that match the tropical air of the notes — so infer as you may and have fun –
      I”m a big fan of just mixing stuff I have on hand in a bowl tasting, adding, tasting and going….it’s entertaining

  2. Chocolate Covered Katie

    Oooh goody, I saw that manna at whole foods but had no idea if it was any good or not. So I’m happy to see your review. I might have to buy some, since I’m so in love with coconut.
    Oh, a recipe. Hmmm, I’m going to have to go with raw macaroon babies: coconut manna, dates, and a magic bullet.

  3. Judy

    1 tbsp MANNA
    1/2 papaya
    1/2 peach
    1/2 banana
    1/2 scoop protein powder
    for a yummy and filling tropical smoothie

    see you in the bahamas! 🙂

  4. runRedrun

    I would be inclined to try using it in muffins or bread. What about coconut-lime scones, substituting some of the butter with manna?

  5. claudia

    I would use the manna like you would as coconut oil. I bet it’d be delicious as a salad dressing with some sesame oil, a little miso paste/soy sauce, garlic, and scallions/green onions.

  6. thebecauseshow

    I know Gwyneth Paltrow wrote in her goopy GOOP blog that she uses organic coconut oil as body lotion (i went out and bought a jar and she’s right, it is the perfect consistency). I bet coconut Manna would also serve as a nice body butter!

  7. Lauren

    I have always wanted to try and make coconut shrimp/tofu friend in coconut oil. Probably not the best thing for you, but you can just imagine how insanely delicious that would be!!!

  8. Brandi

    interesting! i’ve never seen the coconut manna, either, but it looks awesome!

    I bet it would be delicious in a coconut curry type dish with coconut milk.

    – mixed into cooked brown rice with vanilla for a sweeter “dessert” or with more savory flavors to have as a side dish.
    – blended into a tropical fruit smoothie, like pina colada
    – make a grilled almond butter + fruit sandwich and use the manna in the pan to crisp the bread

  9. Liz @ Tip Top Shape

    I’ve actually never even heard of coconut manna. But I bet it would be good spread on a piece of bread with a layer of banana on top. Maybe even add some chocolate for good measure, haha. Oohh..could you even freeze bits of it with chocolate chips mixed in?? Kind of like when you freeze nut butter with almonds or other mix ins??

  10. Whitney

    Manna, huh? I know the stuff that God send to the Israelites went bad if they tried to gather and store it. I think it was supposed to have molded… but maybe an old transcription error turned “Melt” into “Mold”? I’m sure flakes of Coconut Manna would have melted in the sun! 😛

    If it’s like coconut butter… well, I love it mixed in with popcorn! It gives it a sweet, slightly nutty flavor that’s super yummy. If you haven’t already — you should definitely try it!

  11. susan

    I don’t know what the difference is either! And I don’t know if this counts as a recipe, but try roasting sweetpotatos in the coconut manna with cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and sea salt! Amazing!

  12. MarathonVal

    Oooo, so many fun things I would do with coconut manna!! My brother in law is allergic to most nuts so I just told him I would make him a homemade chocolate pistachio nut butter… coconut manna would be awesome to add to this to smooth out the flavor and texture!

  13. quinn

    Not exactly a “recipe” but I would take this camping and use it for all my cooking – for a breakfast fry-up over the fire, and for veggies and chili and baking bread in a dutch oven in the coals. The solidifying feature would be a great virtue, as I love camping in autumn but would not like to carry liquid oil in a pack, just in case of leaks and spills. This would be a healthy alternative to frying bacon partly to provide a source of grease for everything else!

  14. Rachael

    Under-ripe fruit, for the record, is where it’s at. No fruit flies, no problems (I really, really detest fruit flies).
    I’d use the Manna to make a dessert hummus – use it in place of olive oil in a traditional hummus recipe, add a little cinnamon and/or sweetener of choice, and go to town with fruit or whatever other dippables you can imagine!

  15. elaine

    Hey Lynn! thanks for holding this awesome giveaway! You have to try the coconut manna in my Zucchini Bread recipe:
    1/4 C coconut flour
    1/4 tsp salt
    1/4 tsp baking soda
    1 heaping tsp pumpkin spice (or mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg)
    2 eggs
    4 tbs coconut manna
    1/2 tsp liquid stevia
    1 1/2 zucchini grated (mine were medium sized)
    1/2 tsp vanilla extract

    mix everything together well and put inside a well oiled 8×8 baking dish and bake at 350 for 18 minutes

    the texture won’t be like traditional zucchini bread, instead you get an eggy moist bread that hits the spot when you just want something light and healthy with a touch of fall. hope you like!

  16. Annie

    I love this recipe from Epicurious for Coconut Chocolate Truffles:

    1/2 cup coconut butter/oil, warmed to soften
    3/4 cup agave nectar
    2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    1/4 teaspoon sea salt
    1 cup dried shredded coconut
    2 1/4 cups cocoa powder, preferably raw, sifted
    Just mix everything in a blender or food processor and then refrigerate. Once the mixture is solid just scoop out spoonfuls… Or I suppose you could form little balls and roll them in cocoa powder.

  17. Yin

    I’m a lazy cook so I would use manna as an oil substitute. I would try some with chicken curry and a variety of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and taro! Definitely on taro…mm, it seems like it’ll be delicious 🙂

  18. Catherine

    Ooh, how about a smoothie?

    1 Frozen Banana
    1 Cup Almond Milk
    1 Tb Coconut Manna
    2 Tb Protein Powder
    3 Drops NuStevia

  19. Bodine

    Now I am confused….I have an excellent RAW chocolate haystack recipe that requires coconut oil, but seems like the manna is the same consistancy,so I am wondering if it can be used for this recipe..?
    my kids fave snack is cream cheese and jam on something or rather(bagel from Montreal)mostley our homemade bread.But my love of cheeder cheese and peanut butter did not go over well with many, but so good, if only I could eat dairy!It would be the first thing I would go for!I will look for that recipe and send it .It is the best raw treat ever!
    Love your updates !I forgot how I came across your website,but your acting and diet issues were familliar… I lived in Vancouver ,Did the acting thing for a while.I would have self destructed if I went on….too much critisism and judgement(and rejection ) on superficial things….hard not to be affected by it.Being an “too exotic”brunette with a small chest, I found a healthier way of life,I still love movies , but glad I am on the other end.stay strong , keep eating and writting xoxox B~
    ps . When I went to an auditions or agents I was most often asken’when are you getting your implant?” has that been an issue for you?are you asked/told to get it done?

  20. Bodine

    3cups coconut(dried shredded
    1.5 cups cocoa powder(I prefer dutch cocoa)
    1 cup maple syrup
    1/3 cup coconut MANNA
    1tsp vanilla
    1/2tsp seasalt
    mix all together,form into small round balls and place onto parchement paper either on a tray or cookie sheet
    refridgerate until hardens
    EAT and LOVE!

  21. monicanelsonfitness

    Good to know! That oatmeal looks amazing, I will try it out. For now I just have been sticking with coconut oil. Thanks for the info. 🙂
    I like it for breads and baking (cookies) and veggies.

  22. Karen

    i use it to coat the pan before making pot stickers. gives a really great flavor and the smells in the kitchen are amazing!

  23. Mimi

    Weird! Manna looks way different than Artisana’s coconut butter. Artisana’s is much thicker and almost a tad too dry.

    I love using it on top of sweet potatoes!

  24. lequan

    US residents only…NOOOO!

    Oh wellz, still love your blog 😀 and will still be linking it to my giveaways page and tweeting it. Good luck to your readers.

  25. MJ

    Oh my goodness. No recipe needed! Since I go to culinary school for baking and pastry work, we make this delicious almond crescents made from almond paste and almond butter. When they come out the oven, we usually spread them with chocolate, BUT the coconut manna spread on top would be ABSOLUTELY DIVINE.

  26. Cristin Mcalister

    Wow! What a great giveaway! Is the Manna like Coconut butter at all? I use Coconut butter on toast with a some preserves. It’s so good. So I guess that’s is sort of like any nut butter. Hm, not really a recipe but really easy to follow. 🙂

    I want those almond crescents that MJ mentioned. Holy cow.

  27. mo

    Use it in frosting with agave. 1 cup coconut butter–beat, slowly add 1/4 c. agave.lemon zest and 2-4 T juice to taste. Put in fridge.
    make a coconut flour cake to go with.

  28. Ana

    Oh that Coconut Manna really does look ” heavenly.” I would melt it, pour it on popcorn and watch Mad Men.

  29. Healthy Coconut

    I’ve never had Coconut Manna either but I use coconut oil A LOT! So I figured if I had Manna, I’ll probably use it the same way.

    I would use coconut manna for making granola, baking cupcakes and making snack bars.

  30. Rachel

    Make your own “magic shell” chocolate topping for ice cream:
    150 g finely chopped eating chocolate
    100 g of coconut manna
    pinch of salt

    Melt together in a microwave, stir well, and pour over ice cream. Wait until it hardens and then dig in 🙂

  31. Sally.H

    coconut over muffins or frosting for many baked good sounds yummy.
    also what about coconut over grilled fruits (i.e peaches ) or on top of cobblers?

  32. stephchows

    mmmm all those things sound amazing to win! I love nut butters but I agree that coconut stuff doesn’t look like it would be friends in my PB&J 🙂 What about baking with it instead of butter??

  33. Leticia

    Why don’t you use it as an interesting substitute for this traditional Brazilian shrimp stew?

    Moqueca de Camarao
    (shrimp stew, Bahian style)

    Serves 4

    Plan ahead, the shrimp needs to marinate for 30 minutes.
    Juice of 1 lemon
    1 onion, finely chopped
    1 clove garlic, minced
    1 to 2 tablespoons white vinegar
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 pound fresh shrimp, shelled and deveined
    1 teaspoon fresh cilantro, chopped
    2 tablespoons tomato paste
    Black pepper to taste
    1 cup thin coconut milk
    1/2 cup thick coconut milk* REPLACE WITH COCONUT MANNA
    2 to 3 tablespoons dende oil (palm oil)

    Make a marinade with lemon, onion, garlic, vinegar and salt. Marinate the shrimp for 30 minutes. Put mixture into a sauce pan and add cilantro, tomato paste and black pepper to taste. Add thin coconut milk and cook over low heat until the shrimp are cooked. Add the thick coconut milk and coconut manna. Continue cooking for another 5 minutes.

    Serve with rice.

  34. domestic diva

    How about using it in a smoothie? I’d just toss in a spoonful along with some frozen fruit and almond milk. Sounds yummy!

  35. kari

    I’d put a small scoop in a cup of hot chocolate. That sounds SO yummy. (Can you tell it’s cold and rainy here?)

  36. Cris

    I am totally in love with this MANNA!! Thanks so much for introducing this to me. This is my FAVORITE way to eat it (second ony to eating it straight out of the jar woth a BIG spoon…)
    First I warm it up and stir it because there is a layer of pure coconut oil on top. So I stir it up to incorporate that. Then I scoop out a couple of tablespoons into a pyrex measuring cut, add the same amount or so of good cocoa, a handful of toasted coconut and a little sweetener (I like xylitol). Melt it in the microwave. Taste for sweetness. Add a pinch of sea salt. Then either pour it out onto foil, spread it thin, chill and break into slabs to eat, or drop onto discs, or my favorite way is to pour it into dixi-type cups, sticking a popsicle stick in it and freezing it to make a chocolate lolipop.
    I LOVE this stuff!!

  37. Dianne

    Ok so I was in whole foods last week looking for coconut oil and only found this manna you’re all talking about. Started searching out what this stuff is actually used for and found this great site 🙂 Let me share what I did with it! First off, let me share a little history/Bible lesson…the hebrew (which is what the first half of the Bible was written in) meaning for manna is: “what is it?” When the Israelites were wondering out in that wilderness they got hungry and started grumbling and complaining. God heard them and decided to help them out. So the next morning they got up and went out and found this stuff on the ground. Thus the term “what is it?” was birthed! So, here we are today asking the same thing about this coconut stuff…
    Okay, so on to my wonderful recipe…How about “Chocolate” Covered Almonds. Since I quit eating chocolate I still have that desire so I found Carob is a great replacement with great benefits! Almonds are GREAT healthy nuts for us, too, so you could eat handfuls of these things and only be doing yourself a favor! Just melt some unsweetened carob chips (NOT IN THE MICROWAVE–we’re wanting this to be healthy, right!?!?) Add enough of this coconut manna to make it a nice smooth consistency. (takes just a few minutes). I also added almond butter just to make it that much better! Once it’s all melted pour the almonds into the mix. Stir them up real good. Pour all of this mixture w/the almonds onto a big sheet of wax paper. Now place it in the refrig until it hardens. After it hardens break it all up and store it in a container. Keep in frig (if it lasts that long!) Enjoy!

  38. Shelly Huband

    Add it to any broth soup to make it creamy. Put in about 3 TBSP or more and stir till it is well mixed in. It tastes really good in soup 🙂

  39. Mike

    Did anyone read and follow the instructions?! As there is natural separation of oil from flesh, it has to be mixed. If it disappeared, you didn’t mix it; you just got the oil on top. Put the jar in a bowl of hot water; when the contents soften, mix them thoroughly. The result will not disappear.

  40. anonymous

    I love homemade toothpaste. Unfortunately “resting” coconut oil is very sensitive to temperature, and so depending on the temperature of the house the toothpaste will either be rock hard or liquid soft.Do you think Coconut Manna can be used instead and is it orally just as beneficial as the coconut oil?

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