Keep the Customer Satisfied

Simon and Garfunkel were right! (Even though I think that song may be about selling drugs.)

Ken, who brought The Larchmont Bungalow back into my good graces with Sunday’s brunch, is also one of the owner’s of “All About the Bread,” a place I gave a not-so-nice review to just 2 weeks ago. He offered me and Abe a free meal to give them another shot.

Obviously, from the title of this post, I was much happier this time.


Ken himself came to meet us there, and gave recommendations about what to order. He suggested a few yummy sounding options, but I went with the Honey Lime Chicken, without cheese.


For vegetarians like Abe, they just launched a new sandwich:


Ken also explained that they bake their bread fresh (in store) every day – which, of course, I’m a fan of (no preservatives).


In addition to my Chicken sandwich, he brought me out another one to try!!! I ate half of each.


Hot, juicy pastrami (flown in from the east coast – so unfortunately it’s not the most eco-friendly) with pepperoncini, mustard, and pickles. Simple, and really delicious – not greasy or overpiled with meat, but still a generous amount.


The Honey Lime Chicken was super messy, though in a good way (unlike the soggy Turkey Sandwich I got last time). Guacamole was dripping everywhere, yet the crispy/chewy bread held up the entire time. The chicken was tender but could’ve used a little more salt (I think the Pepper Jack cheese would’ve resolved that). Overall, the flavors and textures were interesting and yummy.


Sampled some of Abe’s sandwich, which was so impressive, it’s seriously being considered for the BVSLA list. Β Soft and creamy mozzarella, with a lot of basil and tomato action (in both fresh and preserved forms). Β Perfect with their bread.


The service was over-the-top friendly this time, too – Ken had to leave and the guy behind the counter took super good care of us. Not only did he rewrap our sandwich leftovers, he brought us this momma for dessert….


I meant to save some but I couldn’t – it was kinda perfection. Slightly soft, with big chocolate chunks. I ate half the cookie.


Never before have I changed my tune so quickly about a place before! My only lingering issues were with the space – even though it didn’t reek of bleach this time, it still wasn’t the most comfortable place to sit and eat. The white space feels very cold and sterile, and the fluorescent lighting doesn’t help:


Also, I didn’t get a soda because the only non-sugar option was Diet Coke and I didn’t want the caffeine. (Ken, have you thought about adding Zevia to your beverage case?!) Tried a sip of Abe’s, though – you could really taste the maple syrup in there.


I’ve learned a valuable lesson from Ken about how to take criticism constructively. Instead of getting defensive or arguing with me, he addressed the problems and gave me a chance to see a different side of his restaurants – their strengths, rather than rehashing/focusing on the weaknesses. That comes in handy when it comes to any business (ahem, acting) and also yields some useful results – I’ll definitely return to both the Bungalow and All About the Bread for more delicious food, now that I know what to order.

I just put up a page of Los Angeles Restaurant Reviews – maybe I’ll have to revisit some of those other less-than-stellar places again, too….


29 thoughts on “Keep the Customer Satisfied

  1. Amy @ Second City Randomness

    I love that the restaurant went out of their way to make things right. I’ve dealt with both- the restaurants that want to prove themselves and the restaurants that could care less. I’ll most likely go out of my way to visit frequently if you prove that you care to have me back…

  2. Cindy

    Aren’t you well on your way to being a power player in the LA food scene!!! Very cool. Big kudos to a business owner being proactive in changing your opinion. Kudos to you for being receptive.

    Your reviews are step one in my Actor’s Diet tour map of LA suggestion! πŸ˜‰

    btw…I still have a cookie smile on my face. You are incredibly kind and generous!

  3. elaine

    hey Lynn, I saw the Locali coupon on Fresh Guide this morning and immediately thought of you! I’ve been dying to try out their reuben ever since you mentioned it on your blog. Happy eating!

  4. Sarah

    I’ve actually been there a few times, and I did really like my tuna sandwich. I agree the space is empty and boring though.. I’m glad you enjoyed it this time..and you look so cute with your hair up!

  5. Katie

    Ooooh the caprese sandwich looks really appealing. Same with the pastrami sandwich with all that yummy mustard. And I love guacamole on sandwiches

  6. Diana

    I’ve always been hesitant to try All About the Bread, but may have to give it a swing! If I can bear not going into M Cafe for their tempeh madras wrap instead!

  7. Monet

    You are a great restaurant reviewer…you should do this professionally! (well…I guess you kind of do). I’m glad that your second experience was better than your first. Too often, I write-off restaurants if I don’t like them the first time. Your post has encouraged me to try some restaurants again. Thank you for sharing with us!

  8. wendy lee

    The food sounds much improved and I’m glad Ken and his staff went out of his way for you and Abe. Abe’s sandwich looked divine. Anyway, your insight about the space is important too, although when food is fabulous you can overlook the lighting sometimes. It’s good that the smell of bleach is gone–that is a real turnoff…nauseating, really.
    Cookie looked worthy of Cookie Monster!

  9. MarathonVal

    What a great metaphor for life…. that you shouldn’t always just something by first impressions! Haha that’s cheesey, but I guess true sometimes πŸ™‚

  10. lequan

    If I ever visit LA, your blog is definitely the first place I’d search for great restaurants. Your reviews are always honest and unbiased. More power to ya, girl!

    Diggin’ the Saving Face look – cute πŸ˜‰

  11. jessica o'brien

    ahhh the bleach comment reminds me of my first visit back to doughboys after it reopened. they were cleaning the windows (inside) with the harshest cleanser that made scott + i cough + tear up. i couldn’t believe it was being done during open hours. i kept wanting to slip them a Green Life biz card so they could get eco (and yummy smelling) cleaners instead! πŸ˜‰

  12. kara

    Well, obviously, you’re going to change your opinion about the place. You got pampered by the owner so you will start liking the place.

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