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September 19, 2010

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Ever since I won these VIP tix to the Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival, I’ve had that B-52’s song in my head!


There are actually three other Lobster Festivals in the area going on this month, but this one holds the Guiness World Record for “Most Seafood Served at an Outdoor Event.” All of those crustaceans are flown in daily, directly from Maine. (Not the most eco-friendly event, I know.)

We drove to San Pedro around 1pm – parked on a side street and walked about 20 minutes to the site. I hadn’t eaten since last night’s Mexican Fiesta so I was ready to get my lobster on!


The VIP ticket included weekend admission, a drink (I got bottled water), front-of-the-line privileges and a separate eating area (which was so crowded we just sat in the regular one). And of course, the lobster meal:


Yes I geeked out and wore my lobster shirt.


And in case you’re wondering what Abe got with his VIP ticket, they just gave him doubles of all the sides…


…turned out to be a total waste because they were so nasty we barely touched them. I ate the watermelon, but had only a few bites of the coleslaw, roll, and potato.


The butter dipping sauce got chucked too.


I’ve never been a butter fan – not on bread, corn, and certainly not lobster! I like it with lemon, though.


Haven’t had a whole, steamed lobster in years – it’s just as good as I remember it! I don’t touch the body or the head; I know my mom would be freaking out that I passed up so much valuable meat. In general, I feel pretty bad about all the waste that occurred – had I paid the $78 for the price of the two tickets, I would’ve been really pissed!

Still hungry, we wandered around the packed festival…


…TONS of other food choices…


…but all we wanted was stuff we’d seen on TV – two contestants from The Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” were parked in the midst of it all.


We got PB and J Pudding from Nana Queen’s.


Split a large ($6) with Abe – heaven in a paper cup. What’s not to love – thick, rich layers of pudding, plenty of Nilla wafers, and peanut butter/strawberry sauce drizzled on top.


Walked around for a bit. The festival also has live music – we caught this band Walking Sleep for the last half of their set.


Also stopped in this awesome store Candy Town




All in all, it was a really fun way to spend a beautiful afternoon, and I’m so happy I won the giveaway (thanks, Caroline on Crack!)



Plus, we discovered some new music – bought Walking Sleep’s new album, Measures, and listened to it on the drive home.


If you eat lobster, what’s your favorite part? I heart the tail.

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