Sunday Sunset

My lovely yesterday continued with a sweet, late afternoon snack. The same selections as Saturday night’s midnight munchies, except I swapped out the Mint Chip Coconut Milk for some real ice cream in a similar flavor.




It’s pink! And quite delicious, too.


So impressed with the consistency of the Coconut Bliss products – as creamy as the real thing!


The Sunday Times Travel Section had an article about New Orleans – Abe and I have been contemplating taking a trip there this winter. A sign, perhaps?


We’ve been to The Big Easy before, but that was over a decade ago. Also thinking about San Antonio, TX.

Anyone who’s been to, or is from either area who can help us decide?

Love the consistency of these pretzels.


New tootsie pop flavor! Apple – left my tongue green.


For dinner 3 hours later, Abe and I shared one of our Aunt’s gourmet meal delivery dinners.


Abe ate the vegetarian part, and I heated up half the chicken portion (which came with a sweet chickpea/raisin sauce). Also opened a side salad of romaine, cheese, and sunflower seeds:


It all got mixed together. I’ve been doing this lately – blame it on the Whole Foods salad/buffet bars, where I’m forced to put cold and hot food into one container.

The cheese got all melty and the lettuce wilted a little. What do I call this stuff?!?


Still hungry when I finished so I ding donged the remaining portion too.


Pretty stuffed after that, but in a really nice way. Wanted a nibble of dessert but knew it’d put me over the edge into Tummy Pain Lane so instead I had my Ginger Chew, a cup of tea, got a foot rub…


…and watched the sun set.


  • Sunny Sun

    I like today`s. The one with lettuce and chicken.
    Sun set? Here comes Vivian.

  • Anna

    As a Louisiana girl, of course I’m partial to New Orleans :-) BUT– I have to say, San Antonio is a really fun town too! I don’t think you can go wrong!

  • Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)

    The pink ice cream looks so cute, girly and tasty! Glad you had such a great weekend. What a great way to start the week off!

  • Danielle

    Wow what a gorgeous sunset! I watched the moon rise on the ocean on friday, it was awesome…it was such a bright red that it looked like it was on fire!… for a vacation spot both those places are nice but i recomend either Cape Cod, Maine, or New Hampshire, for summer visits of course….those places aren’t as much fun in the winter, unless u wanna go skiing or snowboarding.

  • Anne Marie@New Weigh of Life

    I’ve been seeing coconut bliss on blogs lately…I need to try some!

  • Shanna, like Banana

    I sort of have a thing for tootsie pops..I need to find this flavor!

  • Lauren

    This is definitely a sign! Don’t let this trip pass you by! 😉

  • Evan Thomas

    That place is like ice cream paradise. I now know what kind of home I want when I grow up.

  • leftcoastcontessa

    I’ve been to both locations and I love both. I haven’t been to NOLA since Katrina. I have recently been to San Antonio. River walk is so fun and there is a ton of great food and margaritas! However, a friend of mine recently went to NOLA and said that word on the street is that the flavor of the seafood will hold for a few more months and then, due to the oil spill, it won’t be back to normal for possibly a decade. From a strategic foodie perspective you might want to hit NOLA now.

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      i hadn’t thought about that – thank you!!!

  • Cindy

    I’ve not been to New Orleans, but don’t think you can go wrong there. I have been to San Antonio several times and can say you will have a good time there. Try to stay along the Riverwalk if you go to San Antonio. You can occupy good bit of time within walking distance in that area. They will be very different environments, but a total tossup as to which would is better.

    Which cuisine would you most like a total immersion? I think that would be the best way for YOU to decide. Flights and other related costs will likely be similar.

  • Sleep eat

    Ice cream is the best dessert :) wished that the ice cream in my house stopped getting freezer burns, it always comes out rock hard.

  • lowandbhold

    I want a foot rub! Sounds like a wonderful evening :)

  • Emily (A Nutritionist Eats)

    Beautiful Sunset!
    I visited New Orleans this time last year, and am so missing it and keep thinking about it!
    (I haven’t been to San Antonio but I’d vote for NOLA!)

  • Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat)

    I absolutely love McConnell’s ice cream, it’s the BEST!

  • Christine

    I used to live in San Antonio! It is really a great city with a lot of culture. The food is so delicious and the weather in the winter is great. It’s one of my favorite cities. Austin, TX is not a far drive from San Antonio and that is an artsy town that you guys might really like.

  • Priyanka

    Wow what a gorgeous sunset!!! Have fun girl!

  • blessedHi5ive

    Your last two photos are beautiful and so relaxing. OU lucky ducks! As for the trips, I have not been to New Orleans and would like to visit – but am concerned about food and safety of the seafood. It would be to support the local businesses and tourism if I were to choose NOLA.

  • Erin

    I love a good sunset. <3 Lovely photos.

    I have been to both, but I would say go with New Orleans. Aw, what a romantic place. I haven't been in San Antonio (River Walk, etc.) since '01, and was in New Orleans in '08 while my husband and I were living in Tallahassee. We fell in love with NOLA instantly. I think you should go back. :) Have some good eats, hit up Bourbon Street… Too, what I love about New Orleans is that it just takes a couple of days to feel like you've done everything. And no car is necessary. 😉

  • Sues

    I was jussst thinking about making peppermint stick ice cream before the holidays (I KNOW, there’s plenty of time!) and now the idea is in my head even more. But I don’t have to wait for the holidays, do I? I can’t wait to make some pink ice cream!

  • MarathonVal

    Mike and I have been thinking about a trip to New Orleans too… I’ve never been!

  • DiningAndDishing

    I hope you guys do decide to go to New Orleans! I absolutely love it there. One of my fave US cities :).

    – Beth @

  • Katharina

    Ohh those choices of Coconut Bliss mmm. I miss them! They’re so expensive here, and I’ve only tried them in Florida since my parents live by a discount health food store. Those honey wheat preztzel braids are so delicious.. whether you dip them in something sweet or salty. Have you dipped them in Nutella?

    I love that last picture of your and Abe relaxing enjoying the sunset.


  • cristin

    I LOVE Coconut Bliss. It’s so so good.

    By the way-I’m originally from Louisiana and go to New Orleans quite often so if you end up going there, let me know-I have a plethora of recommendations!

  • Leah @ Why Deprive?

    I love watching the sunset!!
    I bought some Coconut Bliss a few weeks ago, and I was super impressed with how good it was! I’ve tried making coconut milk ice cream before – its never that good.

  • Monet

    Such a beautiful sunset…there is nothing better than sitting down during those quiet evening hours and appreciating the world around us. I also would love to appreciate one of those Tootsie Pops! They bring me back to my childhood!

  • Maria @ Kale and Cupcakes

    I heart guac and yours looks super simple to make! Love the sunset photo – beautiful.

  • Sonia @ Master of Her Romaine

    love that pink peppermint ice cream!
    Sounds a like a fun evening with a footrub and sunset… a girl’s dream come true!

  • Song

    Look at those cute toes, that’s a darling picture!!

    San Antonio sounds good but NOLA sounds better to me because,,, I’ve been there once : ) and loved it!

  • Healthy Coconut

    I’ve never to both cities, but I’m interested in visiting them someday.

    Love the beach/outdoor pictures. I haven’t gone to the beach this summer…and I’m bummed because summer is almost over. Thanks for the pictures.

  • Heather

    I lived in San Antonio for almost 5 years, and never understood why it was so touristy. But Texas is either a love it or hate it kind of place – I didn’t love it. It has a thriving downtown, not unlike any other city. The only thing that makes it different is the Riverwalk (a strip of dirty water running through it).
    I’d go to New Orleans in a heartbeat!