Goh Time

Friday afternoon I headed back to the corner of Melrose/Ogden to shoot some stills for Surrogate Valentine.


Photo prop – an iced Vanilla Chai from Cafe Aroma (straw garnish skillz from my NYC cocktail waitressing days)


It was sweeeeeeet!!!! I drank about 1/4 of it.

After we wrapped I spent the rest of the time hanging with Goh – for dinner Abe and I took him to Jitlada for Thai food


I blogged about the restaurant back in June, and again when I sampled their dishes at Plate by Plate; it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite places in Los Angeles, despite the long waits (both to sit down, and to actually eat).

We ordered all vegetarian so everyone could share. I had one of the Thai Spring Rolls dipped in a sweet sauce.


Despite the deep fried casing, it was more chewy overall than crispy.

The requisite stir fried morning glory was the first to arrive, in all its garlic-y goodness


Dug in right away, with some white rice


Next came the Ginger Saute – with tofu as the protein


More rice and morning glory too!


And finally, the yellow curry – a coconut-based one with potatoes, onions and carrots. I asked for it with veggies, instead of the other option – which was added tofu/meat – but I only caught an additional piece of broccoli and cabbage or two.


Really delicious, but really really soup-y. Order with the added protein instead so you get more bang for your buck.

Added a few spoonfuls to the side…


Plate #3 – more curry with more rice, plus a final taste of everything else.


Everything above was pretty mild – we didn’t venture into the back menu – the Southern Thai one – advertised as “Real Chili, Real Spicy!”  Goh had staged this picture while we were waiting beforehand – though he did wind up eating a red chili by accident …


Reminder to Angelenos – “The People I’ve Slept With” is playing at the Sunset 5 all this week! We just got some wonderful reviews, including examiner.com and The LA Times. I’ll be at the Q&A tonight after the 7:30 pm screening, and at the Libertine after-party sponsored by Audrey Magazine (RSVP info here).


13 thoughts on “Goh Time

  1. Danielle

    I’m planning on hitting up Pepe’s today (& maybe Sally’s? lol) Will let you know what I try & what I think 🙂

  2. Monet

    I wish spring rolls were super healthy for you because I could easily eat three to four everyday! I hope you have a nice Sunday and Saturday evening…

  3. jess

    haha, this is so weird. i went out for vietnamese last night and had spring rolls and morning glory too! except i had pho after, but it’s still a funny coincidence 🙂

    hope the photo shoot went well!

  4. Jazz

    Thankyou for posting us! So mannything at southern menu that you can try with out chili! Or mango salad with tofu!!’next time come & ask for jazz!!but I ‘m in Thailand right now!!

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