Parfait and Pizza

Brunch feels fancy when it’s in a stemless wine glass!


Even when it’s just made of mundane ingredients:


This spoonful of Monkey Boy PB MADE it



The day has flown by! By the time I finished eating, blogging, and walking Julius, it was time to get ready for an afternoon screening of “Eat Pray Love.” Christy and I organized a group of five ladies to watch the movie at The Arclight, and we all liked it! Everyone had read the book, and agreed that it was very Hollywood-ized, but all in all the 2.5 hours flew by pleasantly, and was quite moving at times.

Obviously we all left seriously craving pizza and walked 1/2 a mile down the street to Delancey.


This place was opened by the same guy who owns The Mercantile (the French place on Sunset I loved); this is his Italian gastropub. All the pizzas are named after streets in NYC:


We started off with two salads – the Bitter Greens (Endive, Wild Arugula, Radicchio, Candied Walnuts, Market Apples, and Gorgonzola)


And the Wilted Spinach (with Pancetta, Ricotta Salata, and Pine Nuts)


Split amongst the five of us – very yummy! I don’t care for Gorgonzola so I didn’t try any of that, but the Ricotta Salata was some quality cheese.

I’m having a relationship with my pizza,” said Julia Roberts in the movie. It definitely wasn’t as good as pies I’ve had in Italy (or New Haven) but for Los Angeles, this was some pretty great stuff! The crust is very chewy – pretty thin – with a nice balance of flavors on top.

The “Rivington” (Spinach, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Garlic and Black Pepper)


The “Fulton” (Mozzarella, Braised Artichoke, and Roasted Garlic)


Ate three slices – the Fulton was my favorite so I went for seconds on those first; would’ve had another piece of the Rivington but I was full. (I did score the leftovers, though, so I’ll have “a relationship” with it on another day!)

For dessert we ordered this Warm Chocolate Cake, which came with Pureed Kumquats and Salted Pistachio


Very moist and rich, but not gooey. Β Kinda like the love child of molten lava and sponge cake? I feel like I ate more than my 1/4 share, it was so good!

I definitely feel like I ate and loved fully today, now it’s time for bed and I’ll do a little praying too….

Did you see the film? Read the book?

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  • DessertDarling

    Ohmygosh, your Parfait is hilarious.. I want it first thing tomorrow morning!

  • elaine @ Om Sweet Om

    my oh my, that looks like a place that i want to try..especially that bitter salad! i’m a sucker for candied walnuts, arugula, and gorgonzala πŸ˜›

    i’ve read the book, but i’m not so sure whether i want to watch the film. as you said, everything is “hollywood-ized.”

  • Lauren

    Just read the book and looking forward to the movie, although I hear the movie doesn’t compare.

  • mysweetseason

    Ooo the pizza looks divine. I’d kill to try a slice of the Rivington. Ricotta cheese….yumm

    I’m waiting for Eat, Pray, Love to come out in the Philippines! Taking forevaaa

  • quinn

    For a moment I thought my blogworlds were colliding – I love it when that happens! –
    because another of my favorite blogs is about Delancey in Seattle, which opened just a year ago. Maybe you can check it out when you are on location sometime :)

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      how funny! when i was looking up “delancey” for writing this blog post a few sites for the seattle restaurant came up and it looked AMAZING!

  • dianacheung

    all i want to do is make out with pizzas. all day. I dont’ care if they leave me in the morning…I just wanna make out with one..DELISH!

  • leianna

    Read the book but haven’t seen the movie yet. Those 2 salads look good, I love gorgonzola and could eat it by the spoonful:)

  • rebecca lustig

    it was definitely hollywood-ized, but entertaining nonetheless– personally, i liked the book better…

    hope you have a splendid sunday, dear
    love, becca

  • Amanda @ HopeHasAPlace

    I read the book about three years ago and absolutely loved it. I know there’s a lot of criticism against Gilbert now; but if she had the means to abandon all responsibility and traipse around foreign countries, then I don’t blame her. Anyway, I have not seen the movie yet, but I really want to see it! Even the trailer brought tears to my eyes. I hope it lives up to the book… do you recommend it? What were your thoughts on it?

  • Angie

    Love the parfait…fancy! πŸ˜‰

    I am looking forward to seeing the movie- I did read the book. I think that even if most women can’t go exploring in exactly the same way she does in the book- we can all take something from it….can’t wait to see it.

    I’m all for the pizza quote!!

    Have a great weekend, Lynn!

  • greensandjeans

    I saw the movie on Friday and I really enjoyed it! Of course, it definitely let me with the travel bug…

  • Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)

    I haven’t read the book or seen the film. I have seen so many mixed reviews on both. I will probably read the book at some point and rent the movie when the time comes. Looks like you had a great day!

  • Healthy Coconut

    I read the book many many times, and I watched the movie too. I liked the movie and I agree that there were a handful of emotional moments that got me :) I must say that I like the book better (as usual), the scenes that I imagined in my head is better than what came out in the movie.

    It’s funny to know certain dialogues in the movie before the characters even say them.

    I also craved pizza and spaghetti after the movie.

  • Evan Thomas

    For the last few days, I’ve eaten breakfast out of an “on the rocks” glass. And it’s tasted so much better

  • Sara K

    I actually read all the visible items on that menu photo and thought, “i would order the fulton,” sounds delicious.
    I both read and saw EPL- I enjoyed the book, and I found the film to be alright as well despite not my usual genre of choice. It’s definitely not a film to go to hungry- especially with that scene in Naples with the margherita pizza and when she gives Sofia that lecture :)

  • Ravi

    I appreciated the book, and Gilbert’s very human wish to find healing and find herself. I thought the film was fairly flat. In a film like this, you have to like the main character right off, and I didn’t get those signals. I def liked the supporting actors more than I liked the Liz character…

    I just watched BEYOND RANGOON, and this won hands-down in the genre of “woman goes to Asia to find healing” genre. It was moving and real, covering the events of Burma’s 1988 crackdown through the eyes of a tourist who is dragged on a journey to get her out of her own traumatized past. Highly recommended.

  • caronae

    I read part of the book (then my aunt stole it from me) and saw the movie. I liked it. I think it’s a good story — good writing, memory, sensory and emotional detail. I understand the whole rich white girl thing going on but I don’t really care. Good writing is good writing. And more women need to be inspired to take time for themselves. Also, I have a major girl crush on Julia Roberts.

  • lequan@luvtoeat

    Love your parfait and the stemless wineglass! I’m still thinking of that sweet potato stuffed crust pizza you had…mmm. Glad you had a good time out with the girls πŸ˜€

  • Shanna, like Banana

    I just wrote about EPL on my blog too…loved the book, didn’t care for the movie. But I DID like that pizza scene…yummmmm

  • MarathonVal

    Oh man, molten lava cakes are soooooo incredible. That’s one thing I’m trying to veganize but it’s tricky :) In the meantime, enjoy it for me!

  • Wendy lee

    I have a new I pad!!!!!your pix look even better.

  • Erin

    What a delightful way to spend the day!

    I have not seen the movie, but I finished reading the book a couple of weeks ago. It has definitely stuck with me – I think I appreciate more once I’ve read it than I did while I was reading it, if that makes sense. I wanted to see it in theaters, but I’m not sure if I’ll make it.

    Oh my goodness, that Warm Chocolate Cake… kudos to you for being able to split that! I would want the whole thing. πŸ˜‰ I’m completely selfish with dessert!

  • Monet

    I’m glad to hear that you liked the movie because I’ve been debating about seeing it. Your positive review moves me in the “yes!” direction. And those snapshots of your pizza were too tempting…I’m going to have to do something cheesy for dinner!

  • Nicole

    Oh, those pizzas look so good! I think I could eat pizza everyday! Actually, I need to bake up a couple for lunch this week!

  • lowandbhold

    I haven’t seen the film or read the book – not sure why. I need to do both.

  • stuffycheaks

    have you tried District (right beside Mercantile, same owner)? Food is excellant.. although not sure if it’d suit your diet..

  • SinoSoul

    having tried Delancey’s pizza twice, I simply can not rally behind it. Now, Mercantile’s onion soup yes, Bowery’s burger, sure! The pizza… uhmm.. There’s Joe’s in WeHo, that’s about as close as a decent pie gets in that part of town.