Goodnight Saigon

August 2, 2010

in salads

A Manic Monday, but also a fun day!

Started off with my callback first thing in the morning – Abe drove me and we split a Choco-lata-fun Element Bar in the car


It was good (not too sweet) and kept me full for about three hours. Since Abe accompanied me to work, I returned the favor by driving him around in the O.C. to shoot some B-Roll for his documentary:

this pic was taken via "Monty" using the "Face Time" feature

We stopped by Little Saigon for some Banh Mi


There are dozens of places to get these Vietnamese sandwiches, but I did some research and heard Banh Mi Che Cali was a good choice. They have locations all over Southern Cali – Fountain Valley, San Gabriel, Rosemead, etc. – this was the one in Westminster, on Brookhurst Street.

Fancy, it is not


But cheap, it most certainly is


That would be buy 2, get 1 free. FOR FIVE BUCKS.


And this was the “small” size!

I got the chicken – tons of cilantro, carrots, daikon, jalapenos, and what I thought was mayo (but read was margarine?)


A “Veggie Ham” for Abe


I ordered another one of these vegetarian sandwiches as the third/free one for later.

Mouth is alive with juices like wine…


And I’m hungry like the wolf!


We ate in the car, because 1. Their seating area wasn’t pretty 2. We wanted to be in the A/C with Julius and 3. We got a huge soda from Jack in the Box next door


I think this is the first Diet Dr. Pepper I’ve had in two years? I used to be a serious addict. Still tasted Just Like Heaven.

Really craving some Fro Yo on the hour drive back, so we used the Yelp App and found Flavory Yogurt, a serve-yourself place


My usual base of fruit (berries, mango, pineapple)


Topped with the yogurt – Banana Pudding/Peanut Butter and Cookies n Cream/Irish Mint


We walked around the town of Seal Beach, which, sadly, no longer has seals.


But boy is it adorable!

P1210200.JPG P1210212.JPG


A lot less crowded than Laguna, and I liked how the Main Street led directly to the beach area…


…which, unfortunately, we couldn’t get close to…


…sorry, Julius


So then we walked down to…


and then we took it higher!

Nah, we didn’t really. We just sat in traffic all the way home and listened to old Madonna songs (we agreed “Borderline” is one of her best).

I wasn’t hungry at all for the Banh Mi so I let Abe have the whole thing and ate a small salad for dinner around 9pm.


Organic mixed greens, frozen asparagus/bell peppers, a couple organic grapes.

A new dressing, courtesy of Girard’s




Well it’s not like I didn’t spend the day eating highly processed foods already. It’s (not) the End of the World As We Know It….(And I feel fine.)

A juicy organic nectarine while blogging before bed


Favorite 80’s song? It’s too hard for me to choose! I love all the one-hit wonder pop hits (Wham’s “Freedom” comes to mind) but groups like The Smiths, The PIxies, and Depeche Mode have held the test of time for me.

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