Abe’s grandfather Harold was an amazing man; I had the privilege of meeting him before his death in 1999. July 28th, 2010 would’ve been his 100th birthday – we went to eat some Jewish deli in his honor.


I can’t believe this was my first trip to Canter’s! It’s a Los Angeles institution. We settled into a booth, surrounded by folks of all types.


Sour sour pickles! I had two.


A sip of Abe’s Diet Black Cherry soda too


Ginormous menu


I knew exactly what I wanted – their famous Monte Cristo


Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me order it without meat (or on the side) so Abe could split it with me; I knew it was going to be a behemoth of a sandwich and didn’t want more leftovers crowding the fridge so I kept looking…

Look! Harold’s got his own special!


Not a fan of tongue, though. I went with the Hot Corned Beef Sandwich on Rye


Abe ordered the Avocado Melt – with Sauteed Mushrooms, Tomato, Swiss, and Alfalfa Sprouts, grilled on Whole Wheat


I had a bite of his sandwich to see if it was “Best Vegetarian Sandwich in L.A.” worthy; pretty good – but needed salt. I stole about 4 of his steak fries, too – it’s been a while since I’ve seen ones that thick!

I was starving!!!


The Jewish deli sandwiches in Los Angeles are much more manageable than the ones in NYC – you can actually fit your mouth around them – but there’s still A LOT of meat! I dipped mine in two giant blobs of mustard.


Not the best corned beef sandwich I’ve ever had; it was pretty dry and needed more seasoning.

Obviously I didn’t hate it, though


Stuffed afterwards! No room for their tantalizing baked goods (though Dessert Darling booed their carrot cake)


I got a call during dinner from my manager for a last-minute audition so I spent the rest of the night prepping for that…


So so so full. The way Harold would’ve wanted his birthday celebrated!

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  • http://hikebikeeat.blogspot.com Becki @ HikeBikeEat

    I got a few baked goods from Canter’s a while back – brownies and a cookie. I was not impressed at all. That avocado melt looks delish!

  • http://anecdotesandapples.weebly.com Monet

    What a wonderful way to celebrate Harold…this made me smile and think about all the special people in my life that have passed on.

  • http://squigglefloey.wordpress.com squigglefloey

    Lovely day for you too.
    @Abe — nice shirt!

  • http://howiboilwater.wordpress.com serena

    i’ve been a couple times before, and i always get flustered looking at that menu – not knowing where to start. I’d have the waitress give me more time….multiple times.

  • http://www.saywhatyouneedtosayblog.com Lauren

    That’s awesome that you guys celebrated his grandfather in that way. He would be so proud! :)

  • http://secondcityrandomness.wordpress.com Amy @ Second City Randomness

    Awww… that’s sweet! And seriously- I’m yet to go to a jewish deli that I haven’t absolutely loved! There’s something about those sandwiches!

  • http://mymarblerye.wordpress.com/ dianacheung

    i love how you and abe both bring such a rich cultures into each other’s lives. You both are so unique but so open to each other’s pasts and history!

  • http://newlywednewlyveg.wordpress.com Anna

    Holy heck that menu is big!!

    What a great way to celebrate Harold. :-)

  • http://www.hernewweigh.blogspot.com Anne Marie@New Weigh of Life

    Aww what a sweet post.

  • http://weitou.wordpress.com Light Delight with Tou Tou

    That is a LOT of beeeeef….haha, I bet it is delicious and satisfying :-)

  • http://pancakesnpajamas.blogspot.com/ Lindsay

    That is a big sandwich, but you’re right about the ones in NYC. I was suprised how HUGE they were when I traveled there last. Too much meat for me for sure.

  • http://theexperfectionist.wordpress.com theexperfectionist

    Looks and sounds like a wonderful place to get a bite! Question: In March I am heading down to Disneyland with my husband’s whole family! Is there any one place in that area that you would totally recommend eating? That is, if you make it to Anaheim often. I’ve been there so many stinkin times (I’ve had to start counting on my toes), but my husband isn’t very adventerous when it comes to trying new places!

  • http://tanyasdaily.blogspot.com/ TanyasDailyProductReviews

    At least you get your monies worth for that sandwich!

  • http://shannalikebanana.wordpress.com Shanna, like Banana

    I’ve been there twice when I lived in LA. I had no idea it was so famous (infamous?) the first time I went, but I liked it quite a bit. I also remember getting some pastries on the way out :)

  • http://www.speak2docs.com wendy lee

    A loving and fitting tribute to Abe’s grandfather! Very sweet and thoughtful…
    There are many arguments to be made about NY deli vs. LA deli. I personally favor N.Y. even though I live in Philly which now serves NY style deli (not quite up to NY standards). More to the point, it would take me forever to digest a corned beef sandwich these days so I rarely try!
    What was Abe’s T-shirt exactly?????

  • http://lowandbhold.wordpress.com lowandbhold

    What a sweet way to honor him. Abe’s Avocado Melt looks great!

  • http://www.ChicagoMarathonVal.com MarathonVal

    That’s so nice to have a memorial dinner in honor of Abe’s grandpa. What a cute place!

    And I’ve never seen “tongue” on a menu before…. yikes!!

  • http://fancythatfancythis.wordpress.com Ameena

    I’ve never been to Canter’s either which is ridiculous considering I worked a few blocks away from it for 3 years.

    I think this is a very sweet way to honor Harold!

  • http://www.andreaswellnessnotes.com Andrea@WellnessNotes

    What a nice lunch in Abe’s grandfather’s honor!

  • http://www.healthytwists.com Hallie

    I’ve been to Cantor’s once but all I remember is the black-and-white cookie. I don’t remember if I actually ate the food! We went with my 5th grade class as part of a trip to the Museum of Tolerance. I remember our rabbi telling us “This is Fairfax, the Jewish street of LA”

  • http://whydeprive.wordpress.com Leah @ Why Deprive?

    I think its really nice that you went out in honor of Abe’s grandfather. Thats such a good way to keep his memory alive.

  • http://www.anutritionisteats.com Emily (A Nutritionist Eats)

    I really like the idea of doing that to celebrate someone…I might have to start doing that for my grandparents.

  • http://itallchanges.wordpress.com missyrayn

    That is such a fun way to remember a family member. I think I need to remember it this fall when my grandmother’s birthday comes around instead of feeling sad she isn’t here. That woman loved chinese food :-)

  • http://burpandslurp.com sophia

    How cool, Harold has his own “special” tee hee! That place looks really good! Is it as good as Langers?

    • http://theactorsdiet.wordpress.com Lynn at The Actors Diet

      Haven’t been to langers so I can’t compare. The food was pretty good but not great but it was fun and the menu is huge so I will try try again!

  • http://thedayjustbegan.blogspot.com Brittany

    what a great way to remember him : ) that is great they had a sandwich named after him! ( I not a big fan of tounge either…no thanks!) I dont live to far from LA will remember next time i am up that way!!!

  • genevieve

    awww i love your & abe’s relationship!!! you two seem totally devoted and in love..the undying kind of love. you’re so cute too!

    • http://theactorsdiet.wordpress.com Lynn at The Actors Diet

      Thank you! Yes we are very lucky to have one another.

  • greensandjeans

    What a great tribute to Abe’s grandpa!

  • http://jessicafulkerson.blogspot.com/ Jessica O’Brien

    it’s my tradition to go to Canter’s as soon as possible (same day or that week) after the first rain in fall/winter and order matzo ball soup! yummmmmm.

    xo, jessica