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Abe’s grandfather Harold was an amazing man; I had the privilege of meeting him before his death in 1999. July 28th, 2010 would’ve been his 100th birthday – we went to eat some Jewish deli in his honor.


I can’t believe this was my first trip to Canter’s! It’s a Los Angeles institution. We settled into a booth, surrounded by folks of all types.


Sour sour pickles! I had two.


A sip of Abe’s Diet Black Cherry soda too


Ginormous menu


I knew exactly what I wanted – their famous Monte Cristo


Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me order it without meat (or on the side) so Abe could split it with me; I knew it was going to be a behemoth of a sandwich and didn’t want more leftovers crowding the fridge so I kept looking…

Look! Harold’s got his own special!


Not a fan of tongue, though. I went with the Hot Corned Beef Sandwich on Rye


Abe ordered the Avocado Melt – with Sauteed Mushrooms, Tomato, Swiss, and Alfalfa Sprouts, grilled on Whole Wheat


I had a bite of his sandwich to see if it was “Best Vegetarian Sandwich in L.A.” worthy; pretty good – but needed salt. I stole about 4 of his steak fries, too – it’s been a while since I’ve seen ones that thick!

I was starving!!!


The Jewish deli sandwiches in Los Angeles are much more manageable than the ones in NYC – you can actually fit your mouth around them – but there’s still A LOT of meat! I dipped mine in two giant blobs of mustard.


Not the best corned beef sandwich I’ve ever had; it was pretty dry and needed more seasoning.

Obviously I didn’t hate it, though


Stuffed afterwards! No room for their tantalizing baked goods (though Dessert Darling booed their carrot cake)


I got a call during dinner from my manager for a last-minute audition so I spent the rest of the night prepping for that…


So so so full. The way Harold would’ve wanted his birthday celebrated!

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Summer Foods

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Christy came by the 90210 house for brunch today. I took the Ribollita Soup outa the freezer…


…reheated with a can of Chicken Broth…


…still delish!


When I made this soup two weeks ago, I announced the Summer Food 2010 Project I was doing in conjunction with the following podcasts and blogs:


Cooking With The Moms

The Because Show

Musing Mommies

PFD Podcast

Two Fit Chicks & A Microphone

2Godchicks Podcast


Jacky Hackett

The Upstart Kitchen

From this week til August 8th (ish) these folks will be talking all about the topic of Summer foods. Now that it’s actually time to start posting, I’m sad to say I’m feeling pretty uninspired, considering how unseasonably cool it’s been in Los Angeles. But then I started thinking about exactly how I characterize “Summer Foods,” and realized that definition has changed throughout the years.

When I was a kid, it meant Ellios Pizza and Frozen Charleston Chew from the Snack Bar at my local pool…

OTF488165S.jpg HFCA408.JPG

In college, it was the Chinese food my Mom made during break…


Post graduation, it was copious amounts of Tasti D while living in NYC…


But now that I live in a climate that’s sunny and warm all year round, I don’t really think of foods as “Summer-y” anymore. I guess my definition would be the produce that’s in season – stone fruits, figs, watermelon, zucchini, tomatoes, etc. – but I tend to just eat those straight up/raw (like the grapefruit I just consumed while writing this post) …


… and have no exciting recipes to share. The foods I am cooking I wouldn’t particularly define as “Summer” ones, because I cook them all year round. I find that, for the most part, I eat out a lot more, since there are a lot of exciting outdoor foodie events, and I’m socializing with people who are on vacation – so perhaps in the next week or so I’ll consume something more “Summer-worthy” to blog about. In the meantime, check out any of the participating Summer Food 2010 Project podcasts/blogs for ideas, or try one of these delicious recipes, created to beat the heat and take advantage of the season’s bounty:

How do you define Summer Food?

Finishing and Starting Up

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Finally finished up the last of the Thai leftovers, in all its reincarnations…


…at least, for now (there’s still some leftover rice/Morning Glory in the freezer but that won’t be making a reappearance til August).

The mung bean noodles, “Un-Papaya” salad, and 1/2 a bag of frozen spinach, with Sriracha on top


The last of the Brody’s Bakery Oatmeal Pies!!! I wanted to cry.


They’re really good frozen, as were these organic figs/peaches that I had put in the freezer a few weeks ago


Bye Bye Miss American (Vegan Oatmeal) Pie


Last night may have been the end of certain foods, but it was also the beginning of some great TV watching. First, we watched a terrific documentary on HBO called “Lucky,” about lottery winners, directed by one of our favorite directors, Jeffrey Blitz (who did “Spellbound” and “Rocket Science“).


So far, we both love “Lucky” (especially Abe, who is a doc geek and has a whole website/twitter feed devoted to the genre) but only watched the first half of it, since we needed to finally start the new season of Mad Men before any more spoilers showed up on blogs and facebook!!!


It was so cold out that even Abe had a cup of cocoa too…


For those of you who watched “Mad Men,” what did you think?! I found it to be pretty solid, especially the ending, which left me very excited in a way I was all through Season 1 (the one that hooked me). And of course I was craving ham and chicken kiev the entire time…