Sunpower Natural Cafe

I may have a new favorite vegan place in Los Angeles!


Last night we took a short drive up Cahuenga into Studio City, to check out SunPower Natural Cafe. The owner, Ron, arranged for me to receive a complimentary meal (3 courses) to review for the blog. I shared everything with Abe, and we paid for one additional entree.

To start – Curry Cauliflower Fritters with Mango Chutney (one of the specials)


Probably our favorite dish – mashed cauliflower, mixed with seeds, spices (I tasted turmeric) and dried fruit – then fried…maybe in coconut oil? I feel like there was something coconut-y, but I forgot to ask. Perfect combo of salty and sweet, lighty and heavy.

Here’s my plate with the two main entrees split:


The Portobello Mushroom Sandwich (Marinated Portobello Mushrooms and onions, avocado, and spinach smothered in special sauce and cashew cheese)


This deliciousness (which is now on my list for The Best Vegetarian Sandwiches in L.A.) came with a side of Kale Salad (massaged with lemon, topped with basil ranch dressing, and some tomatoes/pine nuts)


Because SunPower Natural also has an extensive raw menu, we tried the Layered Vegetable Napoleon (zucchini, portobello, red cabbage, apple, jicama) …


…which came on a bed of spinach salad in garlic dressing, with some kale chips too


Messy, but yummy. I am not a huge fan of raw food, particularly raw garlic, but this was actually pleasing to my taste buds (though we both stunk for hours later).

Dessert was a Cookie Dough Pie (made from coconut cream, sweetened with agave)


We were stunned that this was totally raw. Each layer had a completely different mouthfeel – the bottom one reminiscent of sticky cookie dough, with its crunchy raw cacao nibs; the top so smooth and creamy it tasted like buttercream frosting. I didn’t even mind the goji berries, which I usually can’t stand the taste of – antioxidant points!

Totally rich, super sweet, and right up my alley


Most vegan places in Los Angeles are too far from me (in Santa Monica or Venice) or have really annoying parking situations (like in Silverlake or Echo Park). SunPower Cafe is close enough for us to become regulars, easy to find street parking, fancy enough for a dinner party (check out this back dining table, which you can curtain off for privacy) –


But casual enough to dine by yourself –


The food is reasonably priced, especially for organic, and the chef has an impressive resume – he worked at The Inn of the Seventh Ray (amazing place in Topanga that I’ve only been to twice because it’s a bit $$$) and Fattys (in Eagle Rock, reviewed here). The servers were incredibly knowledgeable and super friendly, as well.

Thank you so much, Ron! Will definitely be back!


Since we were already in the Valley and needed to digest, I suggested some mini golf – we headed to Castle Park in Sherman Oaks


Aside from 3 entirely separate courses of mini golf…


…they also have batting cages and a huge arcade. I was so intrigued to see this weird coin toss version of “Crazy Taxi


When Abe and I first lived in NYC after college, we were obsessed with the Arcade version of this game (which was at our local pizza place). Soon after, it came out on Sega Dreamcast and I became a serious expert…to this day I cannot hear a song by “The Offspring” without having the urge to run over a bunch of mailboxes and bus stops.

So happy we ate beforehand – Castle Park’s snack bar looked really sad


sad pizza, sad churros, sad nachos

Abe and I both started off strong, under par, but near the end we fell apart. The courses were pretty crowded with families and little kids, so the pressure to play quickly was on, and we wound up rushing through a hole or two…


…but on #17 I got a hole in one!!! No photographic evidence, you’ll just have to take my word.

And to end our wonderful date night, we saw the greatest vanity plate ever:


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29 thoughts on “Sunpower Natural Cafe

  1. clairedille

    that vegan place looks and sounds, ummmmmm delicious. I am so jealous of all the plant based restaurants..I want some!

    I miss mini golf, it’s been too long!

    happy weekend lady!

  2. luvtoeat

    Glad you two lovebirds had a good time. I love that you guys always have such fun dates after being married for a while :-D. Woot woot for the hole in one!

  3. Cindy

    Wow, the food looked great! I’m past due for lunch which is not helping my drool factor. Love miniature golf…never had anyone friend/partner who quite shared my enthusiasm. 🙁

    My favorite vanity plate has to be $tock$ , on a stock broker’s Mercedes I met years ago.

  4. vanillasugar

    you go to the best places. so jealous. and missing la so much.
    i was obesessed with crazy taxi on nintendo or playstation (can’t remember which)–i should dig it out again.

  5. Monet

    What a lovely evening! I think vegan restaurants are serving some of the most creative cuisine in the country right now. And I love the raw food movement too!

  6. sensorydefensiveness

    Crazy Taxi! I have the same problem with the Offspring and Bad Religion. That was one of two video games from my childhood I actually loved. So much that my guy insisted on putting it on my laptop in his never ending quest to get me addicted to video games.

  7. Liz @ Tip Top Shape

    I feel like with minigolfing I always get worse as I go along. In the beginning it’ll be 2 putts for each hole and then by 11 it’s like 6, haha. Good job 0n that hole-in-one, though!

  8. missyrayn

    Oh my goodness I could actually eat that pie and it looks delicious. I really think California needs to be added to my vacation destination list.

  9. biz319

    I agree, sometimes raw garlic can be a bit much. Glad you were able to get an almost free meal out though!

    I haven’t been miniature golfing in years – so fun! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  10. Jen Cheung

    woahhhhhhhhhh! looks you had such an eventful day !!! hehehe. all those food looks deliciously good!

    btw, im adding you on my blogroll, so i have your lovely blog saved there! feel free to add me too 🙂 thanks.

    PS: have a lovely weekend love.


  11. MarathonVal

    Yet again, I am ridiculously jealous that I don’t live in LA…. those meals look mouth watering… go back there soon and eat a vegan meal for me, k?

  12. Bekah

    There are so many restaurants in LA!! Of all the times I’ve been to California and San Diego, I can’t really believe I’ve never taken a trip out to LA. The food looks delicious!

  13. katecooks

    thanks for the review! i will have to add this place to the list. i have a few friends who live in studio city so making the trek over the hill is definitely realistic. i’m always pleasantly surprised every time i go to RAW in santa monica and actually find myself craving their noodle dishes. i’d love to try a new spot!!

  14. Kt

    Hi Lynn! I absolutely love your blog. I am going through a very similar recover from anorexia and bed, and I find it so inspiring that you have made it to where you are now. I really like the fact that you have an after meal ritual. I tried the candy/tea thing and it gave me a really big sense of comfort to have a ritual I could depend on. I did find, though, that I didn’t enjoy eating so much sugar. Do you have any other ideas for after meal rituals? Any other suggestions you’ve come by? I am on a search for my own comforting ritual. thanks!

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      Hi Katie!
      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your story. Yes, rituals are key for me! Aside from my candy, tea and gum habit, I usually do similar activities following each meal. Like I will set my dvr recordings after breakfast, blog after lunch, shower after dinner, etc. It varies day to day of course but when I notice I’m feeling binge-y these activities help me stay calm.

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