I am supposed to be doing reading…but I’m not. I’m blogging. I’m looking at dinnerware sets online. I’m watching The Cooking Channel. (At least I’m multi-tasking?!)

There were a ton of exciting events happening today that I contemplated attending – The Walk and Ride, The Street Food Fest, even a day trip to San Diego for Comic Con – but ultimately, I decided I should get some work done and headed to the 90210 home for a few hours.

Brunch was a sandwich on Monk’s Sunflower Seed – Roast Beef, spicy brown mustard, and jarred roasted red/yellow peppers


A few of these Pickles and Peppers





Got about 50 pages of reading done…I feel satisfied about that (it IS the weekend, after all!)

I should head home now…but before I do, let me procrastinate a little more and tell you about my new shoes!

Thanks to all your wonderful suggestions for comfy options, I took Val’s advice and went with Born:


I ordered the Kinney from Zappos, which is basically a clog with a pointy toe and heel.

In the box:


And on my feet:


I adore them! Super comfy, and perfect for my pants that are too long for flats, like the ones I wore last night to mini-golf.


Okay, enough dawdling! I gotta get home and walk Julius before it gets dark!


19 thoughts on “Procrastinating

  1. MarathonVal

    That’s awesome you got Born Shoes, I seriously love them and my feet are more f-ed up than anyone’s that I know. I actually think I have that same pair in a lighter brown suede haha, although I like yours better!

    Born makes some awesome cute ones but they actually have a new ‘subset’ or whatever you call it called b.o.c. and they are sooo adorable…. forgive me if I mentioned this during my last comment about them but I have some 4″ b.o.c. heels and after getting plantar fasciitis I never thought I could wear heels again, let alone 4″ers!

  2. Ameena

    I love the shoes…of course you could carry off and look great in anything though!

    I loved Inn at the Seventh Ray but it was expensive! And Ali was annoyed they didn’t carry Coke or Pepsi!? The whole concept of a 100%healthy restaurant is a bit too much for him.

  3. Cindy

    Seriously love the shoes! Here’s one of my favorite pair: I can’t believe you actually need a jacket this time of year. I think I need to move to LA. I’m sweating in a t-shirt and shorts this time of year.

    I had the opposite day. I finally took care of a task that I had been procrastinating for a couple of weeks. Glad to have it finished!

  4. Liz @ Tip Top Shape

    Mmm, that sandwich looks delicious!

    So, this is random, but have you ever done work in commercials? I saw one in the previews for Inception and swear that I saw you in it! If not, it was someone who could honestly be your double, lol.

  5. luvtoeat

    Ooh, you’ve got great style, I’m luvin’ those shoes! But you also look great in anything and make anything look great!

  6. Run Sarah

    Wow, I LOVE those shoes and they look super comfortable – I desperately need another pair of good, comfortable shoes I can stand in for long periods of time. The heel also helps! Our mini golf place is called Castle Fun Park, too funny.

  7. Emily

    Completely understand the procrastination/multitasking thing. 🙂
    Your Born shoes look so comfy! My sister has a pair in a different style that she loves.

  8. Erica

    Weeks are for procrastinating. I hope to get some in today 😉 Watermelon! Makes all my meals so much better right now. And I’m jealous of your mini golf trip- I haven’t done that in forever

  9. greensandjeans

    I love the shoes! And I am SO jealous that you are wearing long sleeves and long pants!

  10. caronae

    Those are the comfiest-looking shoes I have seen in…um, ever. I want some! It’s too hot for shoes thought right now. I can barely handle really skimpy sandles. Oh, NYC in the summer is fun…

    Happy Sunday!

  11. wendy lee

    Am VERY impressed with the shoes…. comfortable shoes that are pretty…that’s hard to pull off!
    Ditto on the long pants/sweater phenomenon… although the beastly Philly heatwave just broke, at least for tonight, after a thunderstorm….

  12. Bekah

    Internet/tv/blogging/eating basically screams for multi tasking. If I were to only do one of those by themselves, I’d either feel like completely useless, or just really bored.

    I love the clogs! I’ve been wanting myself a pair recently.

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