After a week of running around town and being away from home, all I wanted was a mellow Friday night to finish some script reading in my own bed.

Slapped together a quick salad with the leftover roasted radishes and some raw zucchini, cut very thinly on a mandolin slicer.


Tossed with some Lavender Sea Salt and the last few tablespoons of the Mike’s Special Organic Flax Oil Dressing; let it sit in the fridge for 40 minutes while we took Julius for a walk.


Once more – Pasta Frittata !!!


Matching outfits


New England Naturals sent a bunch of their Granolas and Bars to sample (they also make cereals and trail mixes). Aside from being Kosher/Certified Organic, they are also an environmentally and socially-conscious company – donating 10% of their profits and contributing food to organizations like the Amazonian Peoples Resources Initiative, domestic anti-violence programs, and many others.

I had the Chocolate-Omega flavor for dessert


On a bed of organic blueberries


This is rather dense and not-to-sweet – with a slightly crispy texture from the flax/hemp seeds. The chocolate liquor, apricot, and orange flavor give it a very unique (and grown up) spin from traditional granola bars that I’ve tried. You can find New England Naturals products at a store near you.

Used a different milk base for my hot cocoa before bed –


Still prefer hemp, which is more creamy.

Getting ready for another 90-degree day! The heat is supposed to break tomorrow, and we’ll be back to the 70’s again by next week. I know, I know, you hate me – yesterday I was on the phone for a while with Apple Care and the guy helping me didn’t want to hear about the Los Angeles “heat wave.”

How’s the weather where you are?

  • Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)

    Hot, wet and muggy here! That dinner looks delicious! Try to stay cool! Have a great weekend!

  • Angie

    Beautiful meal – the pasta frittata looks amazing! :)

    The weather here in Knoxville is hot, humid, and overcast…I think the forecasted high is in the 90s today- I guess I’ll get a little sweating in on my outdoors walk.

    Have a great weekend, Lynn!

  • heather

    So hot and humid here…and its not going to break til Tuesday! : /
    That frittata still looks delish!

  • Justine

    Our weather here is brutal. It is 11:20am and already 92. I am pretty sure that it is normal for Oklahoma, but I have never been a fan of the summers here. Ever. I suppose that is what air conditioners are for, though. :)

  • Cindy

    Normal summer weather here in South Florida…94 & 80% plus humidity…plus rain several days a week. It doesn’t typically drop below 80 until October. Keep showing me pretty pictures of food and I’ll try not to hate you for your comfy weather.

  • Anna

    Sunny and hot here in Nantucket! Finally– we had some cold, gray days too!

    Yummy frittatta!

  • Ameena

    I just got back from Studio City and it was 97! I think I brought the heat back with me from DC.

  • tropicaleats

    its hotter than heckkkkk here. but i’d definitely rather have it be hot than cold. .. snow is not my friend lol

  • Monet

    I need to give a mandolin slicer another chance. I inherited a very old slicer from my grandmother and managed to slice my thumb in the process of making potato fries. I’ve been scared ever since! I need to go into Williams and Sonoma and buy a new one with the proper safety attachments because those veggies look too beautiful!

  • Becki @ HikeBikeEat

    Today was brutal! I definitely prefer our lovely 70 degree “chilly” summer :)

  • tanyasdaily

    I have to have my sweet after dinner also, I used to do the hot choc every night.

  • greensandjeans

    116 degrees. One hundred and sixteen degrees. Ugh.

  • sonia

    It hit 100 today here in West Texas! So ready to move up north…

  • lowandbhold

    The weather here is so hot and humid! But I don’t mind it too much, I love summer!