Brody’s Bakery

Had an afternoon meeting closer to my side of town, so I headed back home this morning. Good thing, because there was a wonderful package waiting on my front porch, courtesy of Brody’s Bakery!


Brody’s is a vegan bakery near Kansas City, MO that uses organic and natural ingredients. They make everything from birthday cakes and pies, to truffles and breads (all can be made gluten-free or specialized for other allergies) and ship everywhere. The uber gorgeous Katie informed me that this ginormous stash can be frozen, but will keep fresh for a while, since they don’t use any eggs/dairy/animal products.

Took Julius on a short walk – baby, it’s HOT outside!


I brought some food from the 90210 home back with me – made a lox sandwich on TJ’s Multigrain with some grainy mustard


Half a grapefruit


Tickled pink –


One of the many projects I’m currently working on is developing a feature film to star in. I met with the screenwriter at Chado Tea Room – I’ve been to the Pasadena one before for a baby shower but this was my first time at the location downtown.

They had some freshly brewed iced teas “on tap” –


I got the White Champagne Raspberry – the tea leaves were slightly sweet from the champagne/raspberry – very refreshing.


There was a lot of it – I took what was in the small carafe to-go.


Munched on one of Brody’s Bakery’s Breakfast Bars (say that 10x fast) before hopping back into my oven, I mean, car.


The bar was a yummy way to get an on-the-go meal – thick, hearty, and filling. It kinda tasted like chocolate chip banana bread with a lot of oats – very homemade. In fact, the individually wrapped packaging made me feel like they were made specially for me, with love.

Here’s what’s in them:


Can’t wait to try the rest of my vegan treats – especially intrigued by the Un-Twinkies:


Thanks, Katie! Even though I’m not vegan, I love everything that your company is about, raising awareness about Autism, Cruelty-free and organic food, while making it all delicious and fun at the same time. (Julius appreciates all the doggie volunteer work you do too!)


19 thoughts on “Brody’s Bakery

  1. lequan@luvtoeat

    Wow! That White Champagne Raspberry tea you ordered sounds and looks like pure satisfaction on a hot summer day. If I lived in LA, I’d go to the Chado Tea Room right now just to try that drink. Good luck with the feature film!

  2. Monet

    What a wonderful company…baking for a cause! Although I’m not vegan, I love finding and making vegan baked goods. I loved your pink lunch…I have been missing grapefruits…they are my go to fruit during the winter months.

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