Daily Archives: July 11, 2010


In 1987 I made my professional acting debut at Lincoln Center, in the City Opera’s production of “South Pacific.”   P1190377.JPG Those two month s were when I really got “bitten by the bug” (for those of you familiar with the show, I played “Ngana,” the Frenchman’s daughter who sings “Dites-moi”). 23 years later, I’m still acting, and today I got to see the show live, for the very first time. P1190371.JPG I even wore my Polynesian-inspired shirt for the occasion. … You have to order bottled. P1190344.JPG Heidi got a special “South Pacific” cocktail, the color of the water P1190345.JPG I ordered a Portobello mushroom sandwich, subbing the potato wedges for the sauteed kale I saw on the menu. P1190353.JPG Aside from the mushroom, it also had zucchini, eggplant, sweet peppers, and basil thyme aioli – served on a brioche bun P1190350.JPG Abe ordered an egg/cheese sandwich that came with meat… P1190355.JPG … so I piled some of the ham onto my veggies for protein, and added a smear of Grey Poupon P1190363.JPG A bite of Abe’s fruit too P1190364.JPG Although the food was pretty good, there were some problems with the restaurant – it took a while, some of the food came out cold, they weren’t able to cook a poached egg longer than runny for some reason, and Abe’s vegetarian dish came with meat on it (when he ordered it on the side specifically).

Five and Dime

Ever since I first visited Michelle and Quan’s house a few months ago, I’ve been wanting to cook in their gorgeous kitchen. Last night they let me swoop in, helped carry out my vision, and even did the dishes. Lots of washing, chopping, zesting, and a little bit of roasting… While munching on a few appetizers – Food Should Taste