July 3, 2010

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After the past week of late nights, I really wanted to have a mellow Saturday. I woke up late in the morning (sleep is no longer an issue, I’m happy to report!) and headed to Milk for brunch with our friends Nick and Meredith (and their adorable baby girl).


I’ve been to this cafe/bakery a bunch of times but this is my first time blogging about it.


Lots of soup, sandwich, and salad options. I ordered the California Chicken Salad.


It came with a dollop of pesto and a toasted cheese crisp, too


I wasn’t actually hungry at all because I was still digesting Friday’s super late dinner, but I wound up eating the entire thing (using half of the vinaigrette).

I also had to try a bite of Abe’s grilled veggie sandwich, to see if it was worthy of my Best Vegetarian Sandwiches in Los Angeles list.


Nope, not a contender. In general, the savory food at Milk is just okay – it’s tasty but not really anything worth raising the roof over – certainly not worth the price.

They’re better known for their amazing sweets.

Ice cream, of course…


…and baked goods:

P1180657.JPG P1180673.JPG

Special 4th of July cupcakes!


But alas, I had no room in my belly for any of these goodies. In fact, I was feeling pretty stuffed most of the day and didn’t eat again until seven hours later.

The same as Thursday night’s dinner, only I roasted some frozen broccoli instead of fresh brussels sprouts:


And Tempt Frozen Dessert (have you entered the giveaway yet?)


I wasn’t feeling very hungry so I had smaller portions of both. Doubtful I’ll be in the mood for a snack before bedtime, but if so I’ll probably have a cup of cocoa or a piece of fruit. Hopefully my appetite will return tomorrow for 4th of July BBQ-ing! Anyone have fun plans?

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