SV Day 8 – Goh and Humphry Slocombe

Behind-the-scenes of filming Goh Nakamura’s music scene for the indie film “Surrogate Valentine.”

After Saturday’s Surrogate Valentine.” I arrived 15 minutes before call time, so I popped into nearby Humphry Slocombe to pick up some ice cream for the cast/crew.


They have all sorts of crazy flavors!!!


Thank goodness for Sharpies.


My cup of Balsamic Caramel – tastes like cheesecake, actually.


Over at Blues Six; time to work!

Me and my San Fran hair/makeup artist, Monique.


Goh rocked the house.

P1170292.JPG P1170293.JPG P1170299.JPG P1170302.JPG


He is soooo good. So talented. I’m literally quoting lines from the movie now, but they’re all true! Seriously, he played an amazing show. Everyone should visit his website and download his album now, while it’s still free.

After we wrapped a few of us went out to dinner. We went to the same place we went to on Friday, just a different location.


And I got yet another pho, except this one was vegetarian….


…barely finished this one, either.


I also had bites of Chad’s garlic noodles with chicken…


…and Mary’s Vegetarian Vietnamese Crepe –


Can you believe that’s an appetizer portion? You wrap it in a lettuce leaf and dunk in some sauce.


There’s a lot going on in that crepe.

And now, I’ve got to pack, shower, look over my lines (two brand new scenes were written today!) and finally…


I know I’m not going to get anywhere near the desired 7 hours of sleep, but I’m not expecting it, anyways. It’s my last day of shooting Sunday, then I go home in the evening. There will be time to rest after I wrap!

Last good show you went to see? Mine was Goh Nakamura. 😉


16 thoughts on “SV Day 8 – Goh and Humphry Slocombe

  1. Amber's Notebook

    AHhh I am so jealous of you and Chels meeting up! and umm so mad I missed the second meet up today!! I knew you were coming uo here but I didn’t realize you would have time to kick it. Bummer, looks like you are having fun even though you missed the good weather!

  2. lequan@luvtoeat

    Hmmm…this is the first time I’ve ever seen broccoli in pho. Those crepes don’t fill me up at all. I think I need to eat at least 4 when my mom makes them.

    Hope you have a good flight back tomorrow.

  3. saltytooth

    Balsamic caramel sound delicious. The last, really good show I saw was Andy Bird. He played two nights in Milwaukee (and we went to both). The second night was a solo set and it was amazing!

  4. Cindy

    Actually last night at a local bar. Bev McClellan performs most Saturday nights. It’s amazing she hasn’t been stolen away for the big time yet. Feel the same way about Goh…like any day he will just explode onto the mainstream big stage consciousness. Hope to see him in person some day.

    Would love to try that ice cream. One of those places you want to go through the menu. Glad shooting has gone well for you. Look forward to release time!

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      Oh yeah! They also had bourbon cornflake as their “breakfast special”

  5. Ameena

    Your meetups look like so much fun…and I have never had pho before but it looks really delicious!

    I wish Monique could work some of her magic on me.

  6. tropicaleats

    wowza they have crazier flavors then ben and jerrys! looks like a cool place. G’luck memorizin your lines 🙂 idk how you all do it!

  7. Ravi

    Bourbon and cornflakes ice cream is awesome! I’m so glad so many great places in SF will be on the big screen, coupled with Goh’s fantastic music and you too 🙂 It was fun to be at the shoot – I’m always so impressed at how comfortable and humorous Goh is ‘on stage’ or on set. I almost forgot about the shoot, then I saw a woman who could have been your stunt double at Trader Joe’s, which reminded me of the shoot! Have fun in SF 🙂

  8. kathleen

    I love that ice cream place! Last time I went there I got a vegan sorbet that was golden beets with saffron flavored. I remember they also had coke with red wine and bourbon with cornflakes. Crazy!

  9. Freddie

    wow- he has a FABULOUS voice!

    and those ice cream flavors look so cool and fabulous as well 😮

    My last show was the National at radio city last Wednesday – it was great!

  10. squigglefloey

    Omg Salt and Pepper ice cream? Haha…what a fusion.
    It’s so wonderful to see all this variety that you’re trying! What happy taste buds you must have!
    And that veggie Pho looks SO good, but too bad it was super large! The veggies look sooo fresh! Here in monterey park there are sooo many pho places, but I feel like none of them have veggie pho. They’re smaller lil restaurants that probably assume there aren’t many vegetarians around here.
    Anywho, just saying hi 🙂


  11. lowandbhold

    Chocolate sea salt ice cream might be the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I need some.

    That bed looks mighty comfy 🙂

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