Bay Area Blog Buddies

A visit to the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

After a long day of shooting yesterday, I didn’t wind up eating dinner until pretty late – 9:30 pm. I was already past the point of hunger, to where I had zero appetite, so I got salad. There was only a Caesar on the hotel lobby bar menu, but I chatted with my friendly server and arranged to have one made without cheese, more veggies/mixed greens, some balsamic vinegar, and grilled chicken.


It was okay; very over-dressed. I left a few soggy bites on the plate.

My company was stellar, though – blogger Chelsea and I managed to make some last-minute plans via twitter!


We’ve been blog buddies for a while now (remember when she sent me her homemade cranberry jam?) and it was so great to finally meet her in person. We could’ve chatted all night, seriously – it was like gettting together with an old friend who I’ve known for years.

I had most of today off from shooting so I took the train into the city to meet up with s’more new peeps, Janet of Pretty Green Girl and fellow actress/blog reader Erika.

We met up at the Ferry Building for an early lunch. There were so many options; Janet suggested Il Cane Rosso.


I shared the Marin Sun Farms Roast Beef Sandwich with lemon aioli and spicy pickled onions with her…


…plus the Cast Iron Roasted Baby Carrots Salad, which came with feta, walnuts, and caper vinaigrette


I love dining with food bloggers! I feel so normal.


My portion:


Not surprisingly, delicious. A local/hormone-free meal too.

Here’s Erika, who got the warm egg salad


By the way, the weather couldn’t have been more different from yesterday’s chilly windfest. I was so happy to get to experience San Francisco in all its glory. Look at our gorgeous view!


We walked around the beautiful ferry building and looked at all the unique shops.



P1170250.JPG P1170248.JPG

Lots of sampling…

P1170256.JPG P1170257.JPG

Unfortunately, no tasty salted pig parts…


But more nibbles outside!

A bunch of produce/fruit tastings at the truly stunning farmer’s market….


…stellar dill pickles.


I was so grateful to meet and spend my free time with all these new friends – and it’s all because of “The Actor’s Diet!” Even our “Surrogate Valentine” shoot has the blog to thank – our Production Assistant, Serena, is a reader/fellow blogger.

Speaking of which, she is picking me up in 15 minutes and I should start getting ready!!!

An orange to snack on first:

Okay, I’m off! By the way, if anyone in the Mission area wants to be an extra in the film and see a free show tonight, come to Blue Six at 7pm tonight.


15 thoughts on “Bay Area Blog Buddies

  1. Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)

    What a great day! Dang, the bread on that sandwich looks to die for! I am glad you had a better day! Have fun filming tonight!

  2. MarathonVal

    When I was in SF last fall I so desperately wanted to go to the Ferry Building but we were short on time… but I hear it’s paradise, especially for a vegan/food/locavore! How fun!

  3. Kim

    So glad you’re getting some better weather, along with good opportunities to meet up with people! What a great trip 🙂

  4. Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat)

    Aw I love blog meet ups and San Francisco. Walking around the Ferry building is so much fun. I always want to buy everything!

  5. squigglefloey

    It looks like so much fun to meet blog buddies after corresponding for awhile 🙂 It’s wonderful to know that there’s a supportive community here! Have an amazing trip!
    ps. just found your blog and it’s ahhmazzzing 🙂 will def. be reading more!

  6. Melissa @ For the Love of Health

    I would love a bloggie meet up! I don’t know of anyone in my area though unfortunately.
    Great negotiating skills with the server at the hotel restaurant haha
    It looks like you’re having a great time overall!

  7. diet reviews

    mmm, all the food looks delicious. I hope soon I can travel and visit interesting places and enjoy their cultures (and food!)

  8. MizzJ

    You should come visit Vancouver sometime – there’s a huge food blogger community here! That sandwich looks delicious, I can almost feel the crunchiness of that crust haha

  9. lequan@luvtoeat

    Aww you got to meet Serena? I have never met her but I like her already, she’s a nice girl. If I read this earlier today I would have totally suggested you ask Serena to try durian with you. I think she’s the only blogger I’ve found who shares my love for that fruit. Ok I gotta start making this sound a lot yummier.

  10. Monet

    What a fabulous day…I love eating with my other foodie friend because we both whip out our cameras (which sometimes drives our husbands crazy!) The farmer’s markets in San Francisco are wonderful, and I’m glad you are getting to enjoy the city!

  11. vanillasugar

    i adore pickled onions and i miss that nice cool weather in san fran. not so sure about salty pig parts, i mean what part? lol

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