Daily Archives: June 18, 2010

SV Day 7 – Windy San Francisco

We’re at the midway point of filming “Surrogate Valentine!” Friday was a long day (12 hours) and I just got back from a fun blogger meetup at midnight so I’ll try to make the day’s recap quick. An organic Los Angeles apple during hair/makeup… …not that it really ended up mattering because it was SO WINDY out that my hair

Christy’s Corner – Betty Lou’s

Christy Meyers is a holistic nutritional counselor, actress, and The Actor’s Diet former co-blogger.  She reviewed these sweet snacks sent for free by Betty Lou’s to try. John from Betty Lou’s contacted Lynn to give her a bunch of information about some samples they would be sending.  And after she relayed their conversation to me (also pointing out that they

Waaaaake Up, San Francisco!

I’ve been up since 4am! I guess I’m REALLY excited to be in San Francisco, though technically I’m in Burlingame. Currently waiting to be picked up and brought to set, though, wherever that may be! Yesterday, back in L.A…. Walked Julius (twice) Auditioned Breakfast Bar-ed in the Car ($2.25) This was really crumbly, but delicious. I can’t believe there’s no