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SV Day 7 – Windy San Francisco

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We’re at the midway point of filming “Surrogate Valentine!” Friday was a long day (12 hours) and I just got back from a fun blogger meetup at midnight so I’ll try to make the day’s recap quick.

An organic Los Angeles apple during hair/makeup…


…not that it really ended up mattering because it was SO WINDY out that my hair flew everywhere, and I wound up with sunglasses in every shot.

See how cold? I was wearing gloves when I consumed this Cliff Bar en route between locations.


We shot at the Blue Danube Coffee House


Cute cafe inside, but we were shooting outdoors.


I ordered a Mighty Leaf Ginger Twist as my prop drink



Next up – Kansas and 19th

P1170126.JPG P1170135.JPG

Lunch break at the Vietnamese Restaurant Sunflower in Potrero Hill


I got the Chicken Pho (though they called it “Noodle Soup” on the menu) with veggies…


The usual garnishes on the side –



Everyone’s order was ginormous. I ate all of the veggies/chicken out of mine and maybe 1/4 of the broth/noodles. I feel like I barely made a dent in it.


The crew:


The star and the director:


After lunch we hit the Mission District. I loved this neighborhood.



Squid delivering a baby!


Unfortunately, this was the loudest street in the world. Aside from the usual traffic noise, we were also competing with ANOTHER film crew a block away:


So we moved to a new location.


Wind-blown and freezing but happy!


Last shot of the day:


Saturday will be an easy day for me – just one shot in the evening. I’ll be back with a blogger meetup recap before then!

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Christy’s Corner – Betty Lou’s

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Christy Meyers is a holistic nutritional counselor, actress, and The Actor’s Diet former co-blogger.  She reviewed these sweet snacks sent for free by Betty Lou’s to try.

John from Betty Lou’s contacted Lynn to give her a bunch of information about some samples they would be sending.  And after she relayed their conversation to me (also pointing out that they are a friendly, family-run company), I was excited to see and taste their products.  You can tell by looking at the site that they are really trying to make options for everyone, no matter what your dietary restrictions – corn free, gluten-free, low fat, vegan, etc.  They even make some products using xylitol, which is a safe sweetener for diabetics and those sensitive to sugar.

The products I tried were the Organic North Shore Smackers Chocolate Spirulina Patty, Spirulina Ginseng Nut Butter BallJust Great Stuff Organic Superberry Acai Bar, and Organic Krispy Bite.

I will start by saying that I loved the taste of all the products I tried.  I know, the Chocolate Spirulina Patty sounds questionable, but it was really good!

I love that it has spirulina in it, which is high in trace minerals and protein. And since it tastes like a chocolatey treat, I would buy it to satisfy a sweet craving in the middle of the afternoon.

All of the ingredients in their products were recognizable and from whole food sources – nothing sounded like it was from a laboratory.  But it should be noted that the first ingredients in products were either a sweetener (brown rice/agave syrup) or a fat (nuts/nut butter) so though they are nutritious, not all of them are low-calorie treats.  A small consideration when you think that most of the snack sweets are high-calorie and full of crap.

The other thing that I liked is the serving size.  They are a reasonable; just perfect for a snack – not so big that they keep you full through a mealtime, but large enough, with some nutrition to satisfy you.

The Krispy Bites would be a great replacement for traditional rice krispy treats and the Just Great Stuff Fruit Bars would be great when you’re craving a fruit roll up.

All these products, and many more, are available online at Betty Lou’s store or at a store near you.

Waaaaake Up, San Francisco!

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I’ve been up since 4am! I guess I’m REALLY excited to be in San Francisco, though technically I’m in Burlingame. Currently waiting to be picked up and brought to set, though, wherever that may be!

Yesterday, back in L.A….

Walked Julius (twice)




Breakfast Bar-ed in the Car ($2.25)


This was really crumbly, but delicious. I can’t believe there’s no coconut inside, because it sure tasted like it.


Yesterday was my first time having the Gobble Green meals by my lonesome (the way they’re designed to be eaten). They all did a surprisingly good job of keeping me satisfied – lunch wasn’t until 3.

Asparagus and Portobello Rice ($7.25)


With a Sriracha swirl –



I prepped dinner for the plane, choosing the two options that didn’t require any heating – the Chickpea Salad ($4.99)


and Chocolate Chip Cookie ($1.95)


No free wi-fi :(


Quickest flight ever! I barely had time to scarf down dinner + dessert.


The chickpea salad was very flavorful but watery (and stinky from the raw onions – not nice airplane food; sorry neighbor!) and the cookie tasted like raw dough( in the most wonderful way you can imagine). Both kept me full through the rest of the evening – though that lack of appetite may also have had something to do with traveling/excitement.

When I arrived at my hotel the lobby bar was packed with people watching the basketball game.


I really couldn’t give a hoot about sports (even when my hometown team is playing) but it looked pretty exciting; I watched the end of the game in my room while I unpacked and ironed.


This isn’t my first time working in San Fran (I’ve done a few press junkets and film festivals here) or the first movie I’ve done that takes place here (“X’s and O’s”) but this IS the first time shooting on location in the Bay Area. Can’t wait!