I laid in bed awake for over 4 hours this morning. My dog too:


For a few nights I was getting back to 7-8 hours of sleep, but lately it’s been 5.5 again. I think both Julius and I aren’t used to not having Abe around. Or, I could be getting excited about the upcoming shoot – when I was filming “White on Rice” (still available on demand!) I had major insomnia, but that might have been because I was alone in a different city too.

When I did finally roll out of bed, this was consumed:

Toasted sprouted Hemp bagel spread with a Laughing Cow Light wedge


A small orange, sliced




What have I done all day?! I cleaned a little, took a walk with my friend Katie, and that’s about it….how in the world is it 3pm already?!?!?

Cracked open a can of Sardines for lunch.


I really am not grossed out by how these look/smell, but I guess some people are. They’re so good for you, though – and I personally think they taste really delicious…especially with this mix –


  • 1 tin Sardines
  • Blob of Yellow Mustard
  • Heaping teaspoon Vegenaise
  • Palmful Curry Powder, few shakes of Onion Powder
  • Pinch Salt, Couple Grinds of Black pepper

I put half of this mixture on toasted TJ’s Sprouted Multi Grain Bread with a handful of baby spinach


Cut into quarters (I always liked eating my tuna sandwiches this way) with an organic peach


Just realized I’ve already had two servings of sprouted grains today! Guess I know the title of this post….


30 thoughts on “Sprouted

  1. Kelsey

    we buy those sardines all the time. im the only one that wont eat them but they definitely look good.. its just the taste and smell that get to me hehe.

    awee nap with the doggie <3

  2. lpskins

    ugh, i could NEVER manage to get those down. Not sure what they look like but I imagine a bunch of dead fish in the can. Is that right? EWWWW. I have mental issues when it comes to that stuff though so don’t mind me.

  3. Cindy

    Been eating sardines since I was a kid…like 7 or 8 yrs old. Love them. Used to gross out my classmates in school when I would bring them for lunch. They are such a mild flavor…not the strong fishy taste I thing people expect.

  4. Monet

    Lynn…I adore sprouted wheat bagels…and those little wedges of cheese? So good! You and I need to live closer, I would love to spend an afternoon on a walk with you!

  5. Lauren

    I just bought my first can of sardines. Not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous to try them, but I keep telling myself I HAVE to love them. I love salty fish, this is a sure thing for me! 😉

  6. Melissa @ For the Love of Health

    I get that way too when there are changes (re: not sleeping well at all). I recommend warm milk or sleepy tea before bed.
    I haven’t come around to sardines yet…but you are so right..
    I am sitting in Tax law…dying…haha

  7. Jaden

    girlfriend!!! why haven’t we met before? Thanks for comin’ over to the blog. So great to meet another Asian female food blogger. love your story ‘n honesty, proud of ya

  8. Erica

    ugh- I always sleep less when Josh isn’t home! Isn’t it great to have the puppers there though? I’d be so lonely without Frank 🙂 Great breakfast. LC cheese is amazing

  9. FaFa

    Thank to your blog that inspired me!
    Finally, I got my first blog and first page.
    Next, I’m waiting for the first person to read and comment…..lol

    Your Sardines for lunch look so yummy 🙂

  10. lequan@luvtoeat

    I’m starting to find that a lot of stinky food taste so yummy. Fish sauce, shrimp paste, durian, all yummers in my book. Can we still be friends? Teehee.

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