June 8, 2010

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Thank you all for the early blog birthday wishes! I loved hearing the story of how you found “The Actor’s Diet,” especially long-time readers who have never commented before.

Monday was another busy one! I started off the day walking with Christy, then came home to lovely, thick oat bran


  • 1/3 cup toasted oat bran cooked in 1 cup water
  • 1/2 a huge frozen banana
  • Frozen organic raspberries and sweetened cranberries <— small handful each
  • 2 TB egg whites
  • Spoonful Chocolate Rice Nectar
  • Tiniest pinch of NuStevia
  • Sprinkle of unsweetened coconut

All mixed up in another new bowl:


Most of my day was spent running errands at The Beverly Center. In the late afternoon I had plans with Ameena, to meet the famous Maya!!!

Originally we planned to go here, but as you can see from the waiter moving the table inside, they were closing.


So we met up around the corner, at the Beverly Hills location of M Cafe!


I can’t believe I’ve never been here before. It’s a lot smaller than all the other locations (where I practically live) with what looked like a more limited deli case, but I was only interested in their special menu, offering $5 deals all month.


Maya couldn’t have been more adorable and charming. Just like her mommy!


While we were waiting for our food, Ameena noticed some commotion down the street. It was the paparazzi!


They were shooting photos of Jessica Alba, who obviously is a fan of “The Actor’s Diet” faves list :)


(photo by Jean Baptiste LaCroix/Wireimage)

Instead of taking photos of the beautiful starlet (poor woman already had enough cameras shoved in her face) I took pix of the cameramen, who were really distracting.


Living in Los Angeles, we’re used to seeing this stuff on occasion but it never ceases to amaze me how ridiculous the whole thing is.

I’m the one who wound up with money shot, anyway. Look at this gorgeous girl…


…with her enormous cake!


I told Ameena that she needn’t worry about a sugar high, because all of M Cafe’s desserts are sweetened naturally. But I was wrong! Visit her blog to find out what ended up happening….

I got the $5 deal – a falafel wrap, which I’ve never had before – “roasted garlic hummus, mixed grain falafel, carrots, radish, cucumber, red onion, sprouts, lettuce, and tahini-soy yogurt dressing in a whole wheat lavash.”


I don’t know what it is about M Cafe, but lately  their sandwiches have been really disappointing me. This doesn’t even qualify for my Best Vegetarian Sandwiches in L.A. list – it was really dry and unevenly distributed. I wound up using the extra side sauce for a few dips.

All worth it, though, because I loved hanging with the ladies.  The blog has really introduced me to some wonderful new friends.  If you missed the announcement last time, I’d like to do a blogger/reader meetup when I’m in San Francisco next weekend shooting “Surrogate Valentine” – unfortunately I’ll be working most of the time and won’t know my schedule but if you’re flexible and around, email me – actorsdiet(at)

Rush hour traffic on the way home – and I was still hungry, so I pulled off on Beverly and stopped into Toppers Yogurt.


This place is old-skool, diet fro yo (think TCBY). Definitely not “real food,” but sometimes I have a craving for it! Pistachio sounded good to me so I got that.


Driving was much more bearable after this medium cone.


I had some Abe-Unapproved movies going in the background while I caught up on emails/blogging.  Before hitting the hay I got a rumbly in my tumbly so I snacked on an organic peach and a cup of hot chocolate.


I used Over the Moon milk, Chocolate Rice Nectar, and some liquid Cocoa Bean Extract.


This stevia isn’t very sweet and you have to use a lot of it (two full squeezes for my taste buds). I much prefer their Liquid Vanilla version, which you can win in my giveaway!

Who has Lady Gaga in their head now? Quick! Give me another song to replace this ear worm!

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