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For those of you who follow us on twitter, you know that we retweet what other actors eat or write about food – the good, the bad…all of it.  Here’s some highlights from this past week:

lisaloeb4real: Come eat lunch w/ me!Lisa Loeb tweetup at 1:30pm @ City Winery, 155 Varick @ Vandam NYC.

JimGaffigan: I get it. It’s a shake…with caffeine! Now I can stay up later being fat!

wcruz73: Stepped on the scale after 5 days in Hawaii convinced I gained 10 pounds… I lost 3! WTF???

ShannonElizab: My veggies from Jean George in Aria….yummy!

ElizabethBanks: …Ate my weight in food this wkend. So much for a bikini-ready summer bod. Does anyone really get one of those?

ConanOBrien: What’s your favorite Memorial Day memory? Mine is eating a jar and a half of sweet relish and then playing frisbee…

paulapoundstone: I ate so much butter tonight, I got an intervention from The Poppin’ Fresh Doughboy.

Kellie_Martin: Week Four: Eat Your Greens – No really, we mean it….

SherriEShepherd: Just found this new place “Hummus Kitchen” at 768 9th Ave (@51st) – its so creamy! …

debimazar: I once had dinner with Julie Newmar..She ordered Catfish!

AliciaSilv: my mean smoothie…

Jaime_King: Just ate sliders, fried calamari, fried chicken and honey and fried bread at f-ing 1 in the morning here in Austin…

LouDPhillips: Made a great seared, marinated tuna steak 2nite! Watercress salad on the side…. Bikini here I come!

Ali_Sweeney: Wine tasting in Napa today.

jumblejim: How do Germans stay alive? Had omelette w/4 kg of salt, quart of oil, and bread w/a butter cube the size of 6 dice…

ddlovato: Colombia for breakfast, Peru for lunch, and Brazil for dinner… Except I was only fed two countries ago..

OfficialAudrina: Just took a wheatgrass shot and body well!!… I love the health bar


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