Tweats of the Week

For those of you who follow us on twitter, you know that we retweet what other actors eat or write about food – the good, the bad…all of it.  Here’s some highlights from this past week:

emmyrossum: Ate so much GOOD & PLENTY candy from the old-fashion candy shop that now I’m up at 5am w/ a stomach ache….

ParisHilton: Dinner at Gemma was fantastic! The food there is delicious! …

michaelianblack: I just made cheeseburgers on the grill & then picked the burnt American cheese off the grate & ate it because I’m disgusting.

NiaVardalos: burp, just ate a salad bigger than my head.

kayascollywogs: curled up on the sofa with my cat watching arnold schwarzenegger in Eraser,eating chicken pie and rice…

debimazar: Will cook tonight “Nutella Souffle” using a recipe from The Official untranslated Book.Want Some?

KristinCav: Guava doesn’t get enough credit

ShannonElizab: …now it’s a birthday dinner for @OfficialMBallas-now we can EAT! Woohoo!!

greggrunberg: Just had a GREAT meal at a little place called La Finestra in Tarzana, CA. Wow! Great Italian food. Just FYI.

OfficialAudrina: Lucky charms and blueberry muffin for b-fast!! Sooo good

elizadushku: I’ll take payment in Wendy’s Spicy Chipotle Bonless Wings.

KimKardashian: I want a mint oreo so badly…Please talk me out of it

AndyMilonakis: I waited an 1 1/2 hours to get this box of Dharma Mac & Cheese,…mine was signed by Sawyer

dannymasterson: The guy who told me last night that shake shack burger is better than corner bistro is a filthy liar…

oliviamunn: Tiny cupcakes make me happy. If I eat 10- that equals just one regular one, right?

moonfrye: Sunday brunch after picking up goodies from the farmers market!

torianddean: Did anyone see that Yoplait Yogurt just came out with Red Velvet? OMG! Too excited!

ItsChelseaStaub: I’m having donuts for dinner. If they weren’t good for you, they would call them “DO-NOTS.”

CindyCrawford: ….Rande’s new restaurant–Cafe Habana–opens in Malibu on Thursday!

JimGaffigan: Blue cheese is like the blue cheese of cheese.

THEsaragilbert: Why do I eat ketchup that’s been in the fridge for months but I won’t look at tomato sauce after a few days…

tomhanks: I TOLD you we ate in The Lunch Box. The whole crew. Hanx

Equill: Crap, the sushi had MSG, or they got it from the Gulf because I am sleepy…or poisoned, but tiiiirrreeeddd

Kellie_Martin: Making dinner: fresh tomato soup, greens w/ carrot, ginger, miso dressing, & asparagus lasagna….

LouDPhillips: Kabobs, grilled asparagus, butter lettuce salad, sauteed shrooms…Simp

Ali_Sweeney: grr. I’m so hungry but I do NOT want to waste my calorie count on the crappy airplane food.


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